If JW's could have secret ballot or poll in the KH-

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  • moshe

    I wonder what would happen if JW's could have a secret ballot/poll in their KH's? Would they vote to eliminate field service requirements?-yes, i think. Three hours of meetings during the week?- voted down Shunning?- voted down Blood transfusion penalty?- gone,too Others?

    If JW's could vote their conscience, the KH as we know it might not even survive for one year- If only they could vote. How to get this done, that is the problem. The only vote available now is the one to stay or leave.



  • Chimene

    I know of a woman that donated a kidney to her mother, and they did the transplant. They say it was ok because the kidney was drained of all blood. Wasn't the actual organ created in the mother's womb by blood? It doesn't make sense does it? I guess that's just another double standard. And of course, nothing was done to them, still active Jdubs

  • lisaBObeesa

    Hey, they can't have any VOTING! The Org isn't a democracy, its a Theocracy Dictatorship.

  • Collegegurl

    unfortunately I think that even if they voted on certain issues like blood, little would change. maybe the number of meetings would lower, but I think most witness agree with the conteversial issues like blood, many won't even take fractions, let alone get rid of the bans. I know a lot of JW's think that shunning proves we are true christians and probably wound't get rid of it. A lot are true believers and are witnesses because they agree with the WT on these issues.

  • Clam

    Why would you need a fault ridden man made system like Democracy when you've got Jah and the Faithful and Discrete Slave?

    Do you think that the idea of one man one vote could also be extended to other religions? Would Catholics vote off confession, and Moslems choose not to pray to Mecca so often?

    Also if democracy came to the KH would it only be the men that voted? Otherwise you may get a bit of back door female emancipation.

  • yaddayadda

    Very interesting hypothetical question Moshe. We know it would never happen but still interesting to speculate on.

    I think the only thing JW's would vote for is to reduce the burdensom number of meetings, the length of them, and perhaps some changes in field service. I couldn't imagine them voting against anything of a doctrinal nature because they have been brainwashed into thinking that everything doctrinal that has come from God's 'sole channel' tm is true and from Jehovah himself.

  • Honesty

    They are so smart that they would probably vote to not have any more voting.

  • willyloman

    It's not going to happen and, even if it did, you can bet it would be preceded by a pointed talk on which way a "mature Christian" would vote.

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