446 Attended Frank's Services

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  • Nellie

    I couldn't believe it - there were 446 people at the memorial services for Frank - and only two real confrontations! One from someone I barely know who said, "It's nice to see you here, even though I don't see you at the meetings." To which I said, "I want to be here..." That successfully shut him up!

    The other comment was from someone I once counted among my closest friends (she was even present in the delivery room with me once) - she NOW wants to know why I've stopped coming to the meetings ... Actually, I can't believe she told me this - apparently someone else said to her "have you seen Nellie - she's here?" and she said "Yeah, right" and the other woman said - "no, really, she's here." So she comes out and finds me and then tells me she's been asking about me and wanted to know why I hadn't called her. I told her that I'd given up on calling her because she never returned my calls and she obviously had been asking the wrong people about me. I told her that my phone number hasn't changed in 17 years and that I still lived in the same place - if she wanted to find out about me, it wasn't hard!

    The chances of her actually calling me are slim to none. I told her that if she really wanted answers, I'd give them to her - but I knew she wouldn't like them. So ... we'll see - but I'm not holding my breath!

  • IP_SEC

    I didnt comment but I read your post about Frank. It sounds like he was loved.

    Sorry you had to put up with haters, sounds like you did a great job handling yourself.

  • Nellie

    Frank was really one of the good guys.

    If you put the witness thing aside, how much more could you want than to think that almost 450 people cared enough to come to a service in your honor. Especially since he had moved away and around 250 people drove 2 hours away to attend. Let me tell you, there aren't THAT many people who could get me to do that!

    It was nice seeing some people I haven't seen in years - both because I'm not attending and because some of them moved away. Two comments aside, no one shunned us. I can't wait to really see if there is any fallout - especially since my husband is now sporting a nice little beard! (I was afraid he was going to punk out and shave it for the services, but he didn't.) Talk about making a statement! Let the games begin!

  • myself


    I am so glad it went well despite the two confrontations. It is hard enough without having to face that. What a turnout. That is quite a tribute to Frank.

  • jonsey


    My brother threw that same crap that everybody asks about me. I have been at the same address for 12 years now. No phone calls. I have been away for 20 years. Well the family put the brake on me and shunned me due to presure from the KH I would safely guess.


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