Not fair

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  • KW13

    I just want to get these thoughts out of my head and somewhere else so i can read them and make sense of them. What's on my mind is how most JW's are genuinely wanting to serve their God. That i think for your average JW is a fact though sometimes we all know they do unkind or stupid things (like humans do). Thing is, i find it sad that despite these people being so genuine, they've been mislead and lied to. Their Cult does its best to keep its members. Family, friends are what we all hold dear. Who is the WBT that they might ruin directly or indirectly someone elses life? I think how women/men come before a body of Elders to be judged on whether they should be disfellowshipped, its not done lovingly, and people are totally humilated. I feel sad for the JW's that might read this and think, he just doesn't understand the 'truth' and that i am after the downfall of their faith. NO that is not what this topic or this forum is about, its about choice and the fact that the Society take that choice or present biased options to people who are like lambs to the slaughter. My mum is the first thing on my mind, if she is so christian then how was i thrown out of my home by her? All i wanted was to discover christ, in her mind i didn't know enough to make that decision...oh but i can knock on the door of people and offer them magazines? Lies lies lies were against, lets hope our honesty appeals to the right people!

  • jgnat

    Yes, there are many, many sincere believers with the Jehovah's Witnesses. The society has absconded God's promises, put them on a stick, and warned it's followers to reach, reach, reach.....or else.

    So the natural searching and yearning for God, for a higher way of living, becomes twisted. JW's end up responding in fear instead of love. People are dangerous when they are afraid. They panic, lash out, and accidentally hurt those around them.

    Romans 8:15 NIV For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, "Abba, Father."

    Outside the bubble of the society, we can see this so clearly. I just want to SHOUT, "Get out of her, my people." but of course, their ears are shut out.

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    I definately agree with you....Who are they to tell us who to associate with and who not to. ???? They think they are doubt about it...

  • Think

    It is not fair. I was searching for God. I wanted to be worthy of His aproval, to do what is right in God eyes.

    Jw convinced me very cleverly that they are the ONLY ONE TRUE RELIGION ON EARTH. I was blinded and misleaded. They told me how JW are good, holy people. I believed. I told others people how good and holy people JW are. People have a good laugh from me. I was blindfolded.

    Later on, the truth was coming to the surface. I saw this everywhere.

    JW are greedy. They manipulate the truth. They are violent (experienced this on my own skin). they are hateful.

    They have low intelligence. They have sex with others married brothers and sisters. they smoke and drink to much.

    they still money. they cover up. they are unjust and selfish sometimes even more that "people from the world".

    They have cold heart, no love. they argue and fight constantly in familes. they rape and abuse children.

    And the list go on and on and on...

    I was dissilusioned and in severe shock. I questioned if I want to live and BE in this hipcritical religion.

    So much for good JW , holy people.

    Kw13, my heart is with you.

    I was blinded. I sincerely believed that JW is holy religion and doing everything what they told me is nessesary for salvation. And the same way milions of people IS deceived every day.

    Satan is the one directing this cult.

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