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  • lola28

    ever get really bad back pain? I am in bed right now because my neck and back are killing me! this pain comes and goes the last time it got this bad it was in late november, it starts on the right side of my neck and then it just spreads to my whole back. My back then feels really hot and sore, last time it got to the point that I could not sleep on my back.

    Any suggestions on how to ease the pain? What has worked for you?


  • bikerchic

    Lola I wouldn't mess around with it. Go see a doctor asap. Ask him about an anti-inflamatory Lodine it's the best and the safest of the anti-inflamatory drugs. Well if he says that's what you need, but please go see someone about it it sounds serious.

  • lilybird

    Hi lola, not sure if this will work for you,,as it depends on what is causing your backpain, I was dealing with ciatic nerve pain that went down into my leg and I couldn't sit or walk much for a few weeks. I went for massage therapy and that has helped. I am pretty much back to normal. My son has dealt with back pain from sport injury and he cured it with accupuncture. Sorry I can't tell you much for imediate relief other than try a heating pad or if there is inflammation use a cold pack.and advil is good for pain relief.Your doctor should be able to help you though.

  • lola28

    Thank you guys, i should have gone to the doctors months ago but with work and stuff I never seem to have the time.


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