Parent-Teacher Night in DUB land: Are you guilty of embaressing your kid?

by stillAwitness 4 Replies latest jw friends

  • stillAwitness

    I remember my mother making sure she showed up to Parent-Teacher night with the DUB brochure on Education in one hand and the latest issue of the WT/Awake in another.

    She always made sure she mentioned to my teachers that "my daughter is one of Jehovah's wittneses."

    Forget not being allowed to stay in the class while they passed out birthday cake and played christmas games-I was even pulled out of the class during sex-ed my first year of middle school!

  • LDH

    sounds about right. Instead of talking about "Lisa" and "Lisa's Goals" we instead were a sound bite for the Jehova Witless organization.

    Oh yes, we had the school brochure in hand too.

  • Virgochik

    My parents wouldn't grace parent-teacher nights with their presence. They were usually on meeting nights anyways, and which was more important? But my dad always made a big production of coming to my class and marching me out to travel to assemblies. He 'd leave work early and take me out of school. It was SO embarassing! Then we'd go out to the waiting Chrysler Clunker to join Mom for our exciting roadtrip to the ASSembly while the junior high kids watched out the window. Those were "Southwest" moments, like in the comercials, where you wish you could fly away, quick!

  • Purza

    I don't remember being embarassed about the school brochure. What I found mortifying was my dad dressing up in a suit to go to back to school night -- like it was a meeting or something. I would beg him to put his work clothes on -- but no way -- he always had to go dressed in a suit. Egads. The memories.


  • carla

    I don't even want him there anymore. He asks such stupid ass questions that the teacher just answered. He doesn't get 'dubby' but he hasn't a clue of what is going on. How could he when is never around? This by the way is a complete turnaround from his pre jw life. His brain has been sucked dry I guess.

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