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    sf { that's 'dot net'...not 'dot com, which is another forum on the net }

    The guestbook yields some interesting tidbets and intell, if you know what you are looking for and/ or at:

    This is the forum:

    Have fun Danny!!!!


  • tall penguin
    tall penguin

    Forum Reminders from the Admin:
    "Please do not post messages trying to sale your own items, if you suggest an item or natural product that is ok, but do not try to spam the friends for your own profit. Also do not send messages putting one another down or talking about the Elders in a bad way. Please do not talk bad about another Brother or Sister no matter how bad we may feel. Also do not post anything negative about the congregations. I do realize we all get down at times but we should never talk negative about the friends. Remember to keep this place a place of support and friendship.
    I realize we must vent sometimes because the nature of our illness but remember we are also Jehovah's people first. If you need to talk about your feelings do so, talk about anything on your mind. All I ask is do not post anything about the subject matter to do with the topic of sex. If you have a mental illness related to some past abuse please put *TRIGGER* in the subject line and space down a few lines so others may skip over the message if they wish. If you feel your message may upset others please put *TRIGGER* in the subject line and space down a few lines also.
    Again do not post anything to do with sex unless it is related to past abuse and follow the above guidelines. Do not put anyone down because of the method of treatment they chose to use. What works for one may not work for another.
    We all must try and do what works for ourselves. But it is good to share with each other what we do in case each other wants to learn. Please feel free to go off topic about anything you want, this is also a group of friends, and I hope to create a friendly group of people, so please just share. Thanks for being part of a great group of people."
    Geez, what's left to talk about?
    tall penguin

  • Muffinman

    Aww, the Admin has to verify my account before I can post..

  • Elsewhere

    Quick, before it is deleted, someone made a very untheocratic post!

  • serendipity

    Would that someone be elsewhere?

  • Elsewhere

    lol... no it wasn't me... I just stumbled onto that one.

  • Honesty

    Who could it be?


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