Does the Bible hold a patent on TRUTH?

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  • DEV

    What's true or not true about the Bible? It ALL depends on our understanding. To me this book is allegory (teaching story), history, poetry, "God inspired" prose and does contain a measure of "truth". The people that half of this book is about (0ld testament) are one small tribe in a sea of humanity. One of this tribes' sons.....Yeshua (Jesus) inspired millions to live a more humble, kind and meaningfull life. If we are christian or not.....Yeshua's teachings are certainly "inspired". The golden rule is the same whether we read it in the bible, koran, upanishads or in the buddha's teaching. Truth is universal and no one group or religion has a patent on it regardless of claims to the contrary. It is recognized if sought after and makes life peacefull and harmonious if lived. I think our vision of "God" reflects who we ourselves are. The God of the Old Testament could be blood-thirsty and cruel in addition to kind and compassionate. He punished or blessed the hebrews depending on how they followed his edicts or Laws. This reflected their mentality at the time.

    Then Jesus came along and gave us a new "vision". Turn the other cheek.....if one steals your shirt....offer him your coat as well. This is a far cry from the "eye for an eye" version we read about in the old testament. Many examples of selfless, loving, compassionate people have attempted to walk in the footsteps of Christ since he walked the earth. So....can one say that our idea or perception of God evolves as we evolve? (from narrow-minded, revengefull, forgiving, compassionate and loving).

    Seek and you WILL we use what's found is up to each one of us.


  • purplesofa

    I like what you had to say.


  • Oroborus21

    Nah patents are only good for a limited time. The Bible's wisdom is eternal.


  • greendawn

    True the New Testament presents God as a loving Father rather than as a stern Lord which is how the Jews always perceived Him and thus never thought of Him as a Father.

    The point is that there is one God and therefore one true faith, and so which one is it? eg, does faith in Jesus really lead to eternal life?

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