Wisdom From The Judge

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  • Frenchy

    “From the very beginning God expressed his indignation against religion, showing that it is an abomination in his sight because formulated, brought into existence and practiced by the Devil…From and after the flood until now religion has been the chief means of confusing, deceiving and misleading the people and has resulted in turning them away from the knowledge of and worship of the true and almighty God. This of itself is proof conclusive that religion is the product of the Devil.” --Enemies p. 69

    “All religious organizations on earth are formed and carried on by men who are subjected to wrongful influence and ruled by the great enemy Satan the Devil; and this is true whether any of then know it or not, because the Bible so states… The purpose is to set the facts plainly before the people that all sincere ones may see who constitutes their real enemies.” --Enemies p. 72

    “The opinion of a man is of no value whatsoever if that opinion expressed is contrary to the Word of God. If you follow the teachings of men you are certain to remain in darkness.” --Enemies p. 83

    Please note the visual aid:

    -Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it-

  • patio34

    Wow, the WT has surely changed its tone. Thanks for that excerpt Frenchy. I had forgotten how anti-religion they used to be. Now they are much more conciliatory.


  • Frenchy

    You're welcome. His books are full of this sort of condemnation of religion. It was quite embarrassing to the WTBS once they decided that they were a religion also.

    -Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it-

  • blondie

    Frenchy, I wonder if the art was a selling point for the WT books?

    I'm sure after awhile if you asked a JW in the late 50's they said they were always a religion and anyone who anything else are apostate. Just as JFR quietly replaced all CTR's teachings with his own, Knorr replaced JFR's with new ones too. The Catholic church was given a hiding constantly by JFR...things toned done under Knorr's administration.

    Frenchy, can you post a picture of JFR's trinity:

    Religion (catholic archbishop)
    Business (overweight white man in a suit)
    Politics (thinner man with suit...looks like Woodrow Wilson)


  • Makena

    Questions for those with knowledge of The Judges time:

    I was told that The Judge used to say to brothers who were thinking of leaving Bethel service to get married: "How could you ever think of leaving God's house for a 'hank of hair and a bag of bones'.

    Also heard from a relative many years ago that some news reporter from the period (perhaps Walter Winchell?) put the Judge in the same category as Winston Churchill and FDR as the three greatest speakers of their time.

    Anyone able to confirm or correct me on this?

    My father did his 4 years (liked the people there, but could not wait to escape the institutional living and return to pioneering) in the mid to late 30's. After reading up on what kind of opinions and attitudes the Judge and others displayed, I can see how it shaped my dad's outlook on women, family life and loyalty to the org. Finally got married at 40, and always in the back of his mind regretted becoming a family man and having to leave his missionary assignment, and the kudo's that went with it. Sad.......

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