Headin' south

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  • cyd0099

    I will be heading down to Seattle the first weekend in April.

    It's Emerald City Comicon! A comic book convention, for those not as geeky as me.

    Signings, back issues, and free schwag, WooHoo!

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Haven't collected comics in over 15 years now, what are some of your favorite? Mine were X-men, Transformers ( I have every single issue of the 4 issue limited series) and of course spiderman.

  • jonsey

    I have some rare punisher series comics...I just put them away just like my Nascar and football collectibles. look but, don't touch


    ps...I am going to put these on ebay this weekend

  • cyd0099

    I like a lot of the lesser known titles (Bone, Fell, Strangers in Paradise, Madman, The Walking Dead, Concrete, THB) but some writers have rekindled my interest in the X-Men, Superman, Batman,and The Legion of Superheroes to name a few.

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