Circumcision....How is it justified?

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  • Tigerman

    Gosh, if I still had my skin it probly add another inch or so . . .and it'd be all mysterious lookin' and everything. I WANT IT BACK!

  • theinfamousone

    BASTARDS, stealing little babies penis... i bet they eat it cuz its some kind of aphrodisiac... its like this episode of futurama, im watching it right now, its all about the lower horn...

    the infamous one

  • FairMind

    Didn't King David circumsize those he killed and keep the foreskins as trophys? This seems to me to be of the same ilk as head hunting.

  • Golf

    It's only 'flesh' folks, only flesh!


  • Raphael
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    Circumcision 'helps to halt HIV'
    HIV cells Foreskin cells are thought to be more susceptible to HIV
    New research suggests circumcision could be effective in preventing the spread of HIV among men.

    The study of more than 3,000 men in South Africa was done by the French agency for Aids and Viral Hepatitis.

    The data, outlined at a conference in Brazil, shows male circumcision prevented about seven of 10 infections.

    UN health agencies have cautioned that more trials are necessary before they will recommend this as a method to protect against Aids.

    Previous studies have suggested that men who are circumcised have a lower rate of HIV infection.

    It is thought that the cells of the foreskin are much more susceptible to HIV than cells on other parts of the penis, so by removing the foreskin, the likelihood of infection drops.

    Further trials are being carried out in Uganda and Kenya to measure the effect of circumcision on other populations.

    If similar results are found, then circumcision could be used alongside condoms to prevent the spread of HIV, the BBC's Ania Lichtarowicz reports from the conference in Rio de Janeiro.

    But implementing this measure on a large scale will be

  • peacefulpete

    HIV can be absorbed through any mucosal membrane, eyes, nose,anus, labia etc. So it would not be terribly surprising if the tender skin of the forskin was also suceptible. So I guess you have 2 choices, practice safe sex (condoms) or surgically remove or seal up all your mucous membranes and have indiscriminate unprotected armpit sex.

  • freedomlover

    there is another thread right now by kittyeatzjdubs and we were talking about circ.

    it is a totally unecessary procedure. If you all really want to know the origins of routine circ. in the US then read the link. It was a way to prevent masturbation! and to that I hear men the world over say......"well that didn't work!"

    Raphael -

    UN health agencies have cautioned that more trials are necessary before they will recommend this as a method to protect against Aids.
    this is the biggest argument I hear FOR circ. yet this procedure is in my line of work, and like Peacefulpete said.....practice safe sex and it's not an issue. There is more lost than gained in circ.
  • Legolas
    So, to be perfect, males shouldn't be circumcised. I wonder if the WTS believes that will all grow back in the new system?


  • jstalin

    They should be circumsized because god said so. That's sufficient reason for everything else in the bible....

  • greendawn

    It is justified by saying that it was healthier in hot countries to be circumcised because the area under the foreskin being warm and moist offers the ideal conditions for bacteria and fungi to grow. Circumcision removes those conditions.

    Some people say that it also helps in having better lasting power during sex.

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