The Rapture Movie

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  • Oroborus21

    Just happened to catch this movie on TV, from 1991, The Rapture, starring Mimi Rogers.

    Has anyone else seen it and have any comments regarding it?

    I found the movie to be an interesting mishmash of various concepts. I know it isn't an accurate portrayal of Fundamentalism or Born-Again Christian faith but I found some of the bits amusing in how it displayed how sometimes these persons can be just as judgmental and self-righteous as anyone - not too mention mentally disturbed. Overall, I thought it pretty interesting, even though it goes low-budget at the end and the final climax and denouement could be better.

    These comments from people that saw the movie here were interesting:

    along these lines has anyone here seen the Omega Code series of movies or any of them. I think I saw the first one. It wasn't as bad as Battlefield Earth. :-)

    Are these kinds of movies just vanity pieces or do the producers really think they are helping to spread their message-philosophy in this medium?

    And why is there such a gulf between movies like these and movies like the Ten Commandments or The Passion. Is it just a question of money and production values?


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