Governing Body Talks: Sydlik, Jaracz, Barr. Corp/Theoc Appt/3 New Corps.

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    some have obviously have read the following but at least for the new ones. I was there, I heard it all...check it out yourself. Don't read if you are going to get sick. It's not for the faint of heart.

    Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania Corporation-October 7, 2000

    A GOVERNING BODY AS DIFFERENT FROM A LEGAL CORPORATION – Br. Daniel Sydlik (Governing Body member)
    Announcement – Br. John Barr. The “faithful and discreet slave” has en-trusted to it responsibilities higher than those granted to their legal corpora-tions.

    A GOVERNING BODY AS DIFFERENT FROM A LEGAL CORPORATION – Br. Daniel Sydlik (Governing Body member). No doubt you will reflect on this grand information before you go to bed tonight, grateful for being here and for witnessing a milestone in the history of Jehovah’s or-ganization. Annual Meetings have been held since January, 1885. In the late 19th century when the gathering of the anointed was underway, the first di-rectors and officers had the heavenly hope and such has almost always been the case since then. There was one notable exception. Hayden Covington, the legal counsel for the Society, and one of the “other sheep", was elected as a director in 1940. In 1942 he was chosen as the Society’s Vice-President. He continued in that capacity until 1945, when he stepped aside in order to com-ply with what seemed like Jehovah’s will, that all of the officers, directors and members should be of the anointed. Lyman Swingle replaced Brother Covington as a director and Brother Franz was elected as Vice-President. Why did they believe that? Wasn’t the great crowd identified in 1935? At that time the officers and directors were closely identified with the Governing Body, which has always been and still is made up entirely of anointed Chris-tians. The 1944 Watchtower first used the term “Governing Body” to de-scribe anointed Christians taking the lead in Jehovah’s organization. 1944 was a banner year. On October 2 of that year the Annual Meeting was held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Some in this audience were present there. They will recall that 6 resolutions were presented which proposed changes in the Society’s charter. Voting shares had been based upon monetary contribu-tions. The Third Amendment eliminated that. The report of the Annual Meet-ing that year stated, “Membership of the Society is limited to not more than 500. Each member is a full-time servant of the Society or a part-time servant of a company of Jehovah’s Witnesses and must show the spirit of the Lord.” The directors were to be voted into office by individuals who were fully devoted to Jehovah. This would be in full accord with Isaiah 60:17. The refer-ence in this verse to overseers and task assigners refers to improvements in organizational procedures. The 2300 evenings and mornings of Daniel 8:14 also referred to this. After this an important question remained. At that time the Governing Body was closely associated with the Board of Directors, and there was a provision for only 7 directors. Did that mean that the Governing Body would never be enlarged but was limited to 7 spirit-anointed Chris-tians? Since the directors are elected by corporation members, were the cor-poration members electing members of the Governing Body each year? Are the Directors and officers of the Pennsylvania Corporation and members of the Governing Body one and the same? Or are they different?

    These questions were answered at the Annual Meeting held on Oc-tober 1, 1971. The speaker on that occasion reminded the audience that the Governing Body and “the faithful and discreet slave” started hundreds of years ago at Pentecost 33 CE. The first Governing Body consisted of the 12 apostles and later was evidently enlarged because the Scriptures speak of the apostles and older men taking the lead. The speaker said, “The Governing Body of the slave class are not appointed by any man. They are appointed by Jehovah and Jesus. Members of the Governing Body are not being voted into office by the membership of any legal corporation.” The speaker made a very significant statement when he said, “The Governing Body does not have officers such as the Society’s Board of Directors does. It merely has a Chair-man.” For many years the President of the Pennsylvania Corporation was also the foremost member of the Governing Body. This would no longer be the case. While not all are equal in ability and experience, the Governing Body would be equal in responsibility. The speaker said, “Any member of the Governing Body can be Chairman. It depends upon the rotation system for chairmanship.” Thus the distinction between the spirit-anointed members of the Governing Body and the directors of the Pennsylvania Corporation was clearly drawn. Still the members of the Governing Body continued to serve as officers of the corporation. The following question arises. Is there any Scriptural reason to stick to the view held in 1945, that all of the directors of the Pennsylvania Corporation should be members of the Governing Body?

    The Pennsylvania Corporation is not the only legal entity used by Jehovah’s Witnesses. There are others. The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York facilitates the work in the United States. Jehovah’s blessings are clearly on it, but its directors and members are mainly of the “other sheep.” In Britain the Bible Students Association is used. In other lands other legal entities are used. These entities or corporations are controlled by the Governing Body. Indeed their charters are reviewed and approved by the Governing Body. It’s beneficial to have these legal entities. The Governing Body has oversight of upwards of 100 different entities. They help us to conform to local laws and regulations. Romans 13:1 They help to distribute printing materials. A large writing staff, translation, graphics and pressroom and peo-ple are all needed. Corporations and legal entities are used to provide equip-ment needed for this work. They also serve as a legal instrument to handle the transactions with regard to property ownership, the use of governmental fa-cilities and relief efforts.

    As the oldest and most stable and financially secure of the entities, the Pennsylvania Corporation is significant to the Governing Body in the care of the Master’s belongings. Article 2 of the Charter of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania was amended in 1944 to underscore the objectives of this corporation. It is “organized to preach the gospel of God’s Kingdom to all the peoples and to make known the 1) Name 2) Word and 3) Supremacy of the Almighty God, Jehovah.” The Name: In 1931 Jehovah’s Witnesses adopted their new name. Three books were published which high-lighted this about the same time, named Vindication volumes 1, 2 and 3, which examined Ezekiel’s prophecy. The book Jehovah was published in 1944 and other publications were published later, such as Let Your Name Be Sanctified” in 1961 and The Nations Shall Know That I Am Jehovah ten years later. Special mention was made of the New World Translation, which re-stored the Divine Name in every place where it should be. How thankful we are that Jehovah has permitted the Governing Body to use all of the international publishing resources to make The Name known in harmony with Psalm 83:18. The Word: Jehovah’s people have upheld it by printing millions of Bible-based publications and the Bible itself. In the early 1900’s the Watch-tower Society became the sole owners of The Emphatic Diaglott by Benjamin Wilson. They also distributed the King James Version of the Bible. In 1942 the Society printed the King James Version on its own presses. In 1944 the American Standard Version of 1901 which featured the Divine Name was printed and widely distributed. In 1972 another Bible that highlighted God’s Name was printed, The Bible In Living English by Stephen T. Byington. The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society has truly proved to be a Bible society. A wonderful witness is given to the Supremacy of God. When the religious leaders ordered the first-century apostles to stop preaching, they said this: Acts 4:24, 29. Do we not see similar interference today? In many lands false accusations have been leveled against us. This has led to persecution and violence, often spearheaded by the clergy. Jesus forewarned us in Matthew 24:9. Nothing will keep us from fulfilling our commission. The “faithful and discreet slave” take care of the Master’s belongings, and these belongings include the “other sheep” as well as facilities at headquarters at Brooklyn, Patterson and Wallkill and at 110 branches. Matthew 24:30 – they will be called to account for the way in which they have used their talents. This does not mean that the “other sheep” cannot be used to care for administrative responsibilities. This leaves the Governing Body more time for other respon-sibilities.

    The Governing Body will continue to make use of the legal entities. These corporations are convenient but not indispensable. If a legal entity is dissolved by a government decree, the work goes on. Even in countries with opposition but no legal entity, the Kingdom work goes on and the good news is preached. No amount of opposition can hinder it. Luke 19:40 As we look to the future, we can be sure that Jehovah will care for the physical and spiri-tual needs of his people. Zechariah 4:6 We will be able to finish the work Jehovah has given us in this time of the end. Always have plenty to do in the work of the Lord and you know that your labor will not be in vain.

    OVERSEERS AND MINISTERIAL SERVANTS THEOCRATICALLY APPOINTED – Br. Theodore Jaracz (Governing Body member). Isaiah foretold that something remarkable would occur in God’s due time. Isaiah 60:22. Have these prophetic words been undergoing fulfillment in our day? In the past decade the number of congregations formed has been 2,979 per year or a total of 29,793. From small beginnings in 1879 when there was one congregation in Allegheny, Pennsylvania, settlements flourish in 234 lands. There are over 91,000 congregations worldwide that constitute a mighty na-tion. This is proof that Jehovah is speeding up the influx of true worshippers before the great tribulation. Caring for 6 million Kingdom proclaimers and 8 million of their associates calls for mature oversight. There are thousands of overseers and ministerial servants in the audience in the Jersey City Assem-bly Hall and in the satellite locations. More qualified elders and ministerial servants are needed continually. How are such spiritual men appointed? Not by methods that Christendom employs. Appointments are made according to God’s arrangement - the theocratic way. What is involved in such appoint-ments? How are thousands ordained as ministers of the good news? Before submitting to water baptism, they have agreed to serve God unreservedly. They submit to Jehovah’s sovereignty. They submit to Jesus as Ransomer and King. They recognize the role of the holy spirit in their lives. 2 Corin-thians 3:5 Such ordination comes from Jehovah through his Son, Jesus. They must be led by God’s spirit and apply his principles in their lives. Within the congregation certain ones who are already ordained develop to maturity, cultivate the fruitage of the spirit and meet the qualifications to be theocrati-cally appointed. What does this mean, “theocratically appointed”? They are recommended, but not according to human standards by an election or by campaigning. Their qualifications are set out in God’s Word. These standards provide the measure of whether a man really qualifies. If he no longer meets the qualifications, the holy spirit acts to remove one from such a position.
    A number of factors are involved in making appointments theo-cratically. Paul reminded the Ephesian elders “they were appointed by holy spirit” in Acts 20:28. How is it that the holy spirit has such an important role to play? Holy spirit inspired the record setting out such qualifications. 1 Tim. 3:1-7 lists the qualifications and also included are the requirements for minis-terial servants. There are 16 different requirements. Overseers have a serious responsibility in taking the lead and must be exemplary. Paul could express himself with freeness of speech because he imitated Jehovah. Paul recognized that the requirements were Scriptural and inspired by holy spirit. That’s why he emphasized that they were appointed by holy spirit. Holy spirit comes into the picture in another way. They must manifest the operation of holy spirit in their lives by their pattern of everyday living. It affects all aspects of their daily lives. They produce the fruitage of the spirit. Gal. 5:22, 23 Such fruitage is manifest in their dealings with the brothers and the general public. Some may excel in some particular aspect, but their overall pattern of life must show that they are spiritual men, and measure up to the requirements. The third factor is that in branch offices and in congregations, those recommend-ing men for appointment have carefully examined these qualifications. They are not to be influenced by educational abilities or material advantages. Is he a spiritual man? They pray for God to guide them. Thus their judgment is inspired by what is written in God’s Word. How others in the congregation view him is also a factor. Some may already view the brother as one to whom they can turn for advice and help. When recommendations are sent to the Branch Office, they are examined by mature brothers. The Governing Body appoints all members of Branch Committees. Luke 12:8 While the Governing Body directly appoints the Branch Committee, Travelling Overseers and Bethel Elders, they too commission responsible brothers to act for them, such as Paul and Barnabas did in Acts 14:23. Later when Titus was in Crete, Paul wrote Titus 1:5. Then he outlined the requirements. So today the Governing Body indirectly makes appointments through qualified brothers at headquar-ters and in the branches.
    In the first century, appointments were made theocratically. This pattern is followed today. Appointments are made in 91,000 congregations, but not democratically or by some elaborate ritual. Unlike Christendom, Je-hovah’s Witnesses stick to God’s Word. If elements try to interfere, what do we do? Acts 5:29 Being theocratic certainly has proved to be the wise course because it brings divine approval. Some appointments are transmitted by a letter for the Governing Body with a stamp on it. One form letter may appoint more than one brother in the congregation. It is important to note that no legal entity controls the appointment, [of elders, ministerial servants, etc.] even though such entity may be used to transmit the information. The whole proc-ess is guided by holy spirit. Isaiah 60:17 contains meaningful words. May we all rejoice in the increase.

    Announcement – Br. John Barr. The “faithful and discreet slave” has en-trusted to it responsibilities higher than those granted to their legal corpora-tions. In the charters are set out matters that are limited in scope. In caring for the interests on the earth, the Governing Body earnestly endeavors to follow the precious truths in the Bible. Ever since its incorporation in 1884, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania has played an important role but it is merely a legal instrument available for use by the “faithful and discreet slave” when necessary. The Governing Body has determined that certain adjustments should be made. Brothers Carey Barber, John Barr, Mil-ton Henschel, Theodore Jaracz, Albert Schroeder, Lyman Swingle and Daniel Sydlik all submitted their resignations as directors of the Pennsylvania Cor-poration. Members of the corporation accepted these resignations. In their place the following brothers were appointed: Don Adams (President), Robert Wallen (Vice-President), William Malenfant (Vice-President), Richard Abra-hamson (Secretary & Treasurer), Danny Bland, Philip Wilcox and John Wis-chuk. On October 5, 2000 at a meeting of the directors of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc. Brothers R. Abrahamson, D. Ad-ams, H. Dies, M. Henschel and L. Swingle gave their resignation as directors. Others were appointed in their place.

    In view of the range of work, 3 new corporations were set up to be directed from headquarters. They are the Christian Congregation of Jeho-vah’s Witnesses, the Religious Order of Jehovah’s Witnesses and Kingdom Support Services, Inc. The Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses will look after the legal aspects of activities in the United States – religious, educational and charitable – as they relate to the congregations. The Reli-gious Order of Jehovah’s Witnesses will act as a legal entity for the Religious Order of Jehovah’s Witnesses [which includes Bethel volunteers], who in support of Isaiah 6:8 have taken a vow of obedience and poverty. Kingdom Support Services, Inc. will provide engineering support and design of Society pro-jects. It will be the deed holder of all vehicles used at headquarters that are not personal vehicles. Adjustments were made with 3 other legal entities. The Board of Directors of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New Jersey has changed. A Florida corporation holds the title to land in Florida. Several of the brothers resigned and were replaced by other directors. Valley Farms Corporation, which holds title to land in New York, has also made adjustements on the board of directors. All of these serve under the spiritual direction of the Governing Body. We are confident that the formation of these 3 new corporations and adjustments in the others will serve to greatly assist the organization in getting the Kingdom work accomplished.

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    thanks for the reminder I had forgotten all about this

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    Sydlik, care to chime in and explain this???

    "The directors were to be voted into office by individuals who were fully devoted to Jehovah. This would be in full accord with Isaiah 60:17. The reference in this verse to overseers and task assigners refers to improvements in organizational procedures. The 2300 evenings and mornings of Daniel 8:14 also referred to this."

    (Isaiah 60:17) 17

    Instead of the copper I shall bring in gold, and instead of the iron I shall bring in silver, and instead of the wood, copper, and instead of the stones, iron; and I will appoint peace as your overseers and righteousness as your task assigners.

    (Daniel 8:14) 14 So he said to me: "Until two thousand three hundred evenings [and] mornings; and [the] holy place will certainly be brought into its right condition."


    dp chap. 10 pp. 177-178 Who Can Stand Against the Prince of Princes? ***


    The 2,300 days constitute a prophetic period. Hence, a prophetic year of 360 days is involved. (Revelation 11:2, 3; 12:6, 14) This 2,300 days, then, would amount to 6 years, 4 months, and 20 days. When was this period? Well, in the 1930’s, God’s people began to experience increasing persecution in various countries. And during World War II, Jehovah’s Witnesses were fiercely persecuted in the lands of the Anglo-American dual world power. Why? Because of their insistence on ‘obeying God as ruler rather than men.’ (Acts 5:29) Therefore, the 2,300 days must be associated with that war. But what can be said about the beginning and the end of this prophetic period?


    For "the holy place" to be "brought," or restored, to what it should be, the 2,300 days must have begun when it previously was in the "right condition" from God’s standpoint. At the earliest, this was on June 1, 1938, when The Watchtower published part 1 of the article "Organization." Part 2 appeared in the issue of June 15, 1938. Counting 2,300 days (6 years, 4 months, and 20 days on the Hebrew calendar) from June 1 or 15, 1938, brings us to October 8 or 22, 1944. On the first day of a special assembly held at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., on September 30 and October 1, 1944, the Watch Tower Society’s president spoke on the subject "The Theocratic Alignment Today." At the annual corporate meeting on October 2, the Society’s charter was amended in an effort to bring it as close to a theocratic arrangement as the law would allow. With the publication of clarified Biblical requirements, theocratic organization was soon more fully installed in the congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    gawd i cannot stomach this ... sorry guys

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    These men are bums! Appointed - No! Annointed - No! Just bums, killers, conmen, and of the lowest base nature under the guise of Jehovah's blessing. May God rain fire on these old and wicked bastards - the sooner, the better.

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    At the earliest, this was on June 1, 1938, when The Watchtower published part 1 of the article "Organization." Part 2 appeared in the issue of June 15, 1938. Counting 2,300 days (6 years, 4 months, and 20 days on the Hebrew calendar) from June 1 or 15, 1938, brings us to October 8 or 22, 1944.

    Both time intervals, June 1, 1938 to October 8, 1944 and June 15, 1938 to October 22, 1944, consist of exactly 2,321 days, not 2,300 days as given by the Bible.

    Also, the writer converts the number of days time interval into a time interval expressed using 360 day years and 30 day months, (lunar calendar) the writer then applies this year/month interval to a 365 day calendar to get his termination dates.

    Talk about being inconsistent!

    Why not just stick to counting the days?

    I am tired of this type of reasoning by The Watchtower.


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    what's with all the hyphenated word their spelling has gone to hell over the years.

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    The Pennsylvania Corporation is not the only legal entity used by Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    Yep, they also use the UN


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