Lurkers in love with JWs.....NOW is the time to run!

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  • kid-A

    I have noticed a steady stream of recent newbie posts from non-JWs "in love" with active JWs. Welcome to JWD and its great that you have found this resource.

    As one other poster put it, its equivalent of dialing 9-1-1. A couple pertinent points to consider before pursuing the relationship further:

    1) You probably wouldnt have found this site if you did not harbour serious doubts about the watchtower religion. This is not idle curiosity. This is your subconscious mind SCREAMING at you to think twice about what you are about to get yourself into!!

    2) Spend at least an entire day meticulously clicking on all the information threads here in order to fully comprehend the truth about this "religion".....being in love with somebody usually blinds us to the cold hard facts about the situation.

    3) Once you have absorbed this information ask yourself the following critical questions (before you are asked the pre-baptism questions!!!):

    a) Am I prepared to spend the rest of my life devoted to 5-8 hours a week of servitude to a multi-billion dollar publishing corporation?

    b) If we have children, am I prepared to allow my children to die by refusing blood in order to please the wishes of my JW spouse and family?

    c) Am I prepared to abandon my "wordly" friends and associates and enter the xenophobic, cloistered social world of the JWs?

    d) Am I prepared to raise children in the absence of any celebrations, birthdays, easter, x-mas, halloween, etc. and how will this impact the minds of my children?

    e) How will my decision affect the lives of MY non-JW parents and family? A house divided, cannot stand.

  • carla

    I couldn't agree more. You forgot one- Do you really want your entire sex life controlled and scrutinized by the elders and men in Brooklyn, NY?

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