What Was Gods MOTIVE??????

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  • Legolas

    First lets ASSUME for a minute that there is a god!.. (Although you can NOT prove to me that there is a LOVING god)

    What would have been his MOTIVE for getting men to write a letter for all the people of the earth, for thousands of years to come, and it being inaccurate and full of symbolism?

    I mean if you really loved the people and wanted to help and save them, why on earth would you do that?

    One thing (Out of thousands) that has always bothered me was why did he not let Moses lead his people to the new land?...Because he did not give jehovah credit or something STUPID like that......


    This thread does NOT have in it everything I wanted to add...I am too tired from lack of sleep from being in pain!

    So...What do you think his MOTIVE was...Or what else can you add?

  • tetrapod.sapien

    well, if he was a loving god, then his motive could have been good and honorable. it just would make him one of the dumbest f'ed-up morons in the universe as well. as in, you and i are way smarter than this smiling corky in the sky.

    but if he was an cold god, or detatched god, then his motives could be anywhere from sadistic to benevolent. perhaps it is a scientist from another dimension or paralell (or not so) universe? or perhaps just a child with a summer project on the go, that let the weather and the wind and the leaves slowly eat it away after school got back in the fall?

    perhaps we're the unwanted and unaborted bastard child, of a dysfunctional and obsessive love afair between two other universes? one oblong and the other concave? a sid & nancy, or a kurt & courtney, or a mickey & malory type love afair. and suddenly you don't feel so bad about your own childhood, because it really was nothing compaired to the childhood of the universe.

    the motives could be anything.

    what were the motives of us sapiens in inventing gods?


  • greendawn

    Humans have to accept the blame for rejecting divine control over mankind, the opportunity has been there for 2000 years to escape all these torments. They don't want Jesus to rule.

  • kid-A

    Excellent post Legolas. Putting aside the absurdity of a god using a nomadic tribe of barbarians as his official "channel" of communication, when I consider the overall absurdity of religion, I am comforted by the collective history of all religion and culture.

    Gods and religions will always come and go. The ancient pagan religions had their day and if we were sitting around the fire a few thousand years ago, we would be saying our prayers to Thor, or Woden, or Zeus, or Baal or whatever......

    The point is, christianity, islam, judaism, like every single religion before them will eventually go extinct. History has proven this again and again and is our most reliable guide to the future. All gods will die, they are as mortal as the humans who create them. They serve their ephemeral purpose in the eternal stream of time and then fade away. Someday, Jesus , Jehovah, Allah and Mohammed will be sharing the same tomb as Thor, Woden, Zeus, Baal, Neptune, Apollo, Ra, Toth, etc etc etc..........

  • Legolas

    What are the other books that are not in the bible?

    Have you read them?

  • one bad apple
    one bad apple

    the world is such a mess maybe thats because men were created in god's image. keeping in mind he is a jealous god.

  • Legolas
    the world is such a mess maybe thats because men were created in god's image. keeping in mind he is a jealous god.

    Ha ha...good one!

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