Good Health Insurance

by feelinsketchy 1 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • feelinsketchy

    I found the "blood" letter read at the service meeting last week a little laughable, especially the part about getting a GOOD health insuarance policy. How out of touch can the writers of this letter be? How does a whole generation of self employed janitors and window washers find good health insurance. Most bros I've spoken to don't even have a chickenshit health insurance policy let alone a good one. In New York, even a BS HMO costs about $1500 a month. Guess they'll have to miss a few more meetings to pay for that.

    Wouldn't it be interesting if someone refused a blood transfusion and then died because they couldn't afford bloodless care or it was "out of network?" Would they be martyrs for the cause or just unable to pay? Leave it to someone living in an ivory tower to come up with such a crock of shit!

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    This type of thing has bothered me over the years even while still a loyal witness. First the admonition to not get an education, to simplify our lives, to give up opportunities to work overtime. To do otherwise is materialistic. Clyde and I struggled hard to raise our three children, to keep bread on the table, to make sure they they had proper health care so we didn't have to be a burden on anyone. Clyde is now partially disabled, he's not qualified yet for Medicare, but our health insurance premiums have skyrocketed so high that it takes more than half of our income. I'm self employed so don't have any company benefits. Yet the Watchtower is harping more and more on us--simplify, simplify so that you can pioneer. They don't simplify, they have good health insurance that they don't have to dish out thousands of dollars out of their pocket. Then they turn around and give us sound advice. "Get good health insurance."

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