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  • joelbear

    ugh, commonly people want everyone to be like them, ick. its a left over from our animal heritage.

    humanness i think is defined by the ability to embrace difference, to learn about difference, to learn to love that which is different.

    how do you change animals into humans?

    provide them:

    safety then education

  • Billygoat

    As I find my artistic spirit within myself, the more I am "okay" with not conforming. This is the way that God made me and I really feel like I have the permission from HIM to embrace my natural self. Of course, I am never settling for what I am. I am always striving to become better. But better in ways that are aligned with who I am and not who I've always strived to be...what other people wanted of me.

    It's hard. But it's so nice to live with a clean conscience of being true to myself.

  • Think

    Absolutly !

    Who want to be a duck?

    Is easy, you do'nt have to think, the Liders will do thinking for you.

    All you have to do is KWAK !

    Kwak kwak kwak! now I am a duck !

    From the University of Ducks, awake to the facts !!! LOL

  • joelbear

    okay, thank you think, now back to the point. clearly there is a thin line that separates man from the animals. animalistic behavior is everywhere.

    you have to provide a safe place to dwell and an education to people to turn them into humans.

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