Shiraz and spirituality

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  • feelinsketchy

    Not too long ago, I would have told you that the proper way of spelling Shiraz was to leave the "raz" off and replace it with a "t."

    Sorry all you Aussies out there. Alas I freely admit I was wrong as I sip a Victorian 03 by Greenpoint. Delicious. I guess that proves that change is inevitable. What I find really interesting however is that I enjoy contemplating spiritual things while I pour a glass, fill the CD player and hit "shuffle." Much, much more so than when I go to the meeting and have my intelligence insulted while being told what a dirtbag I am. With that in mind, is there a connection between Shiraz and spirituality?

  • cyd0099

    The both start with an "s" and when indulged in from time to time you can get a warm, fuzzy feeling.

  • ozziepost

    Of course!

  • stillajwexelder

    and the best IMHO is Australian

  • Robdar

    Mmmmm... delicious spirituality. Why, Feelinsketchy, I do believe that you have discovered something.

    Hey, if you have any great spiritual insights, share them with us.

    Happy weekend and welcome to the forum.


  • Carmel

    If you study recent history of Iran you'll find Shiraz played a key role in the spiritual evolution of humanity.


  • tetrapod.sapien
    With that in mind, is there a connection between Shiraz and spirituality?

    yes! see? now you are an apostate to Merlot!

    this reminds me of that movie from 2004 called Sideways with Paul Giamatti where he freaks out at that winery at a Merlot tasting (which he detests) and he is screaming and grabs the spitoon that everyone has been spitting their merlot into and starts pouring it all in his mouth and all over himself. LOL


  • greendawn

    The Australians took a very mediocre french wine grape called syrah, and developed it into a great wine they call shiraz. I always liked it, but if I drink wine I don't think on spiritual matters or otherwise because I get sleepy.

  • deeskis

    so you're saying you got "new light" on the matter!!

    BTW exactly two weeks from this very minute some fine aussie shiraz will be sampled, I may even propose a toast (vile, pagan practice!) at our Sydney apostagathering...........

    the more the merrier.............attendees and shiraz!!

    best wishes

    glad you saw the light!


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