Future milestones in JW belief

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  • ballistic

    Can you think of any future "milestones" which will force the JWs to change doctrine (again).

    I can think of a few:

    1. When it can be proved that every human who has ever lived could not fit on (an even transformed) earth.

    2. In 2914, Christ would have ruled for a thousand years.

    (although I expect 1914 to go - long before that)

    3. When there has been sufficient time for there to be no relationship whatsoever between Eve's creation and the 7000 years

    (I think this can be worked out in biblical chronology from the birth of Cain and Able)

    4. Something about the "remnant" dying out - oh no hold on they're increasing.

    Can you think of any more?

  • Legolas

    Well most of the 'annointed' are very old now and they can't keep saying people are 'replacements', so even that is going to give them a hard time!

  • kid-A

    Soon every annointed member of the GB will be dead. Like to see them get out of that one. Maybe they will start believing in reincarnation??? The 1914 generation didnt really die off! They are being reincarnated over and over and over !!

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Are you guys kidding? They have got to allready have a fallout for when the GB turnes all over to the "other sheep". Something like this...
    True Christians today are well aware that those of the other sheep must continue to do the work anointed christians have started. It is as though Jehovah has "handed over the torch" giving higher honor to those underseving of it. How greatful we are that Jehovah has counted us worthy to be allowed to help continue this ever important preaching work!

  • ballistic

    Drew, nice comment, but doesnt it just water down "the truth"?

    How many contorted twists and turns will they have to make to the rank and file when that happens?

    My real point is, where have the "society" staked their beliefs on specific things they can't get out of.

    and there are some...

    what year do you have to get to for 1914 to be completely defunct?

  • Legolas

    Drew doesn't it say that some will still be alive before the end?...So it can't go that way!

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