The Kind of Person I would like to see as an Elder, LOL

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  • Chimene
  • deeskis

    beard, muscle shirt, "in your face" attitude, sense of humour.

    that'd be good!...........

    that was funny..........I don't know if you have discovered "Kath and Kim" yet in the States. It's a top Aussie sitcom, making it big in the UK now so I hear.

    They did a funnneeee one when pregnant Kimmy and her long suffering husband Brett went to Ikea to buy the cot an other baby accessories............laugh

    I also liked the bit in the Jackass movie when the lads go into a hardware store and poop in a display toilet. hehehe

    Nothing wrong with a bit of "toilet humour"

  • Chimene

    Most definitely, LOL

    I haven't heard of that new act, but I'm sure I will. I'm a Comedy Channel junky

  • jgnat

    We got Kath and Kim up here in Canada. They are hilarious!

  • daystar

    God, if I hear one more person exclaim "Git 'r done!"... well, I'll just... I'll just... well, I probably won't do anything, but it sure has become annoying.

    Maybe I'll start replying with "Yes! Finish that job!!"

  • Chimene


  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Wonder what he would do with the "pay attention" book.

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