money will destroy us all

by joelbear 7 Replies latest jw friends

  • joelbear

    it takes the place of natural resources

    it allows natural resources to be allocated lopsidedly

    it is destroying more and more of the natural world every day.

  • enderby

    money does nothing in itself. recall the proverb, "the LOVE of money is the root of all evil." besides, if it wasn't for the invention of a common commodity, we'd all be walking around with the goods we produce looking for someone to trade a pair of shoes for all these potatoes i grew. i find that rather cumbersome.

  • FairMind

    Money is simply a medium of exchange and a way to store our wealth. Money is Goooood! Love of money is baaaaad!

  • joelbear

    you are incorrect, it is the mechanism of money that allows the natural balance of resources to be undermined. its destroying us daily.

  • Satanus

    Money is simply magic:

    >It can go anywhere insatantly

    >It can change into almost anything

    >It can give tremendous power

    >It can change minds very quickly

    >It is slowly equalising the peoples of the planet

    I think that it is very useful. The resources of the world are slowly being apportioned out in a better way. It's a long, slow process. The world is slowly becoming a better place than it was. That speaks volumes.


  • Sentient

    Interesting, I can now see this from both perspectives and I think joelbear may have a point. Before there was money, all WERE basically In one way money has resulted in a new kind of conflict and new powers to destroy the world and ourselves that wouldn't have been possible without it. In another respect the development of money and economies and eventually now globalization has allowed human beings to move from separation and conflict toward equality and the opportunity for an enlightened ability to live in peace. I think we have been more like most animals in the past, fighting and killing and dominating for survival. This way is still the dominant way in different forms, but I think we are moving exponentially towards a situation where, if we can survive for long enough to get there, we are learning how to live with one another in peace through increased awareness. Part of that awareness is also the effect our technology is having on the earth and the inequalities that exist among people worldwide. Another part of it is establishing that people who are strange and different do not necessarily need to be killed because we ourselves are in large part the result of our environment, just as they are. The ability to exchange money and ideas electronically around the globe instantly changes everything and exponentially so. I think monetary systems can result in a sense of mutual benefit and peace.

  • Siddhashunyata

    Here's where it began.. Trying to follow its development will provide an impressive education .

    Merchant capitalism

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    Merchant capitalism is a term used by economic historians to refer to the earliest phase in the development of capitalism as an economy and social system. In

    Merchant capitalism was mostly not based on industrialisation and the factory system, but on merchant houses backed by financiers acting as intermediaries between simple commodity producers. Thus, merchant capitalism preceded the capitalist mode of production as a form of Capital accumulation. The transformation of merchant capitalism into industrial capitalism involved, according to Karl Marx, a process of primitive accumulation of capital, resulting in a rapid expansion of industrial wage labour.

  • Golf

    JB, when you come to realize that our so called money is FIAT, life takes on a new dimension. Check it out.


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