More than a thousand parishioners paid the priests over 11 million euros to build a hospital where blood transfusions not be allowed

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    By Carlos Quílez in Barcelona

    February 2,/2015 21:55 pm

    The tenth section of the Provincial Court of Barcelona has sentenced four spiritual --lideres elderly, in the jargon of Christian witness Jehová-- who swindled 11 million euros in 1312 parishioners 12 Spanish provinces . The victims, duped, deposited their savings in an investment company under the promise that the money would help build a hospital where blood transfusions are not allowed.

    The ruling condemning them to three years and ten months imprisonment each by one of fraud and other criminal bankruptcy.

    Neither the hospital nor money

    Neither the hospital was built, or who must manage mutual constituted. The statement details how the damned, all spiritual leaders of the Jehovah's Witnesses confession with complete "premeditation and encouragement to get rich" Sevilla constituted an investment company "ficticia called Rural New Life SL.

    With this cover, convicted deployed in 12 Spanish provinces paths "trade missions" to attract investors among parishioners of this religious congregation.

    Blind faith in their 'elders'

    RNF SL is dedicated "to offer and market" health insurance products and shares in a mutual that aimed to build a hospital macro center where they were not allowed blood transfusions. This detail is important, as is the prohibition expressly stated in the creed of the Jehovah's Witnesses and enforceable.

    According to the judgment, "got in this way, and thanks to the blind faith of subscribers, a total investment result of sharing the same religious ideal based on the immorality of lies".The old man, Evaristo Pérez, head of RNF SL and, according to the judgment, brains whole plot, escaped to Switzerland nearly four million euros collected. Perez, now deceased, was convicted of money laundering by the High Court.

    Emotional and religious blackmail

    The parishioners, most of Barcelona invested their savings in the project if he would ever make. "Some of the business, using their status as officers of this religious community, widespread in Spain, one of whose virtues preached is precisely the truth and solidarity among its members which contributed undoubtedly to be little cautious in deciding deliver the money, "according to the decision of the Court.

    Parishioners ruined

    The sentence says "attends the aggravation of precarious economic position of a invesrores that in many cases gave all the money they had saved during their working lives."

    The ruling, issued last January 29, specifies that convicts must pay with their money, property and real estate investment parishioners scammed.

    Against this sentence fits appeal.

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