Could WT officers' be secretly happy about UN 'glory'?

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  • ozziepost

    Yep, that's my musing for this coming weekend.

    We may presume that the UN scandal is a major embarrassment to the WTS, but that's corporately. What about individuals, say, senior overseers in 'the Society'? - is it possible they may have gloried in the privileged status that it brought?

    There again, were any officers of the WTS 'rewarded' for their role as 'peacemakers' in the world?

    Yep, this is a 'teaser' post - you may see more of them in coming days.

    But for now, what do you reckon about those questions? Or doesn't it matter?

    Have a great weekend.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • Honesty

    Dunno, mate.

    Maybe Don MacLean really thought he was serving Jerhover when he showed up at Parliament meetings. I had already escaped when I found out how involved he is/was and since he can't talk to an apostate maybe you can ask him what was going on.

  • ozziepost

    You're very perceptive, Honesty!

  • Finally-Free
    is it possible they may have gloried in the privileged status that it brought?

    I'm sure their association with the UN made them feel important, and that's a big thing in a cult whose members are mostly losers.


  • blondie

    If you look at how much glory they reflect when they deal with the administators of the convention sites, the HLC when they deal with the hospital administration, and limit the association of the rank and file with these ones so that the "more qualified" only deal with them (not the nitwit rank and file). Have you ever seen how they limit the association of the rank and file with the GB who come to give talks at the conventions? You can only grab them on the way to their seats by the stage (just like the news team had to).

    Glory? Yes, and they are sure to let some know how "privileged" they are.


  • Atlantis


    Yep, this is a 'teaser' post

    Whether it is a "teaser" post or not, it still gives us some good ideas to think about. No doubt the Watchtower was very proud of it's secret relationship with the U.N. If the Watchtower's association did not conflict with any of their beliefs as they claimed in their letter, then why disassociate? And why so "quickly?" If their relationship was a good thing to be looked upon, then why not announce this relationship in the Watchtower or Awake magazines for all the JW members to follow their example and become members of the United Nations also!

    Ozziepost has a way of getting the old thought processes to working when I need it most. He keeps me encouraged!

    Jolly good show ozzie!

  • willyloman

    Of course they were! You only have to be an elder in the right place at the right time, as I was, and spend some time upstairs in the "most holy" (luxury boxes) in a big stadium working in "administration" to quickly see how important stature, rank and privilege are in this organization.

    The UN connection afforded them seats on planes as well as seats on distringuished panels, and lots of executive perks of the kind accorded political and gov't heavies. You can bet it was heady and that they loved it - and attributed it all as a gift from Jah. These guys think they are working directly for God and deserve special treament.

    They are guilty of the same degree of vanity they accuse Christendom's leaders of. They are careful not to let the rank and file see this in action.

  • Atlantis

    Very true Willy and don't forget all those U.N. planes that were used by the Watchtower to help in delivering their relief supplies! (From "Mission To Africa" brochure page-9 published by the Watchtower and given to high ranking government officials).

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