Watchtower: The Motion Picture

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  • Clam

    One day I'd like to see a film made ( movie ) about the earlier years of the WTS. A serious one for the truemovies channel, or maybe a spoof.

    Who do you think could ideally play the main roles and what would be a good title? My choices for leads are Gene Hackman as Charles Taze Russell and Jack Nicholson as Judge Rutherford.

  • The Chuckler
    The Chuckler

    The WT is a pile of crap. Is that the type of motion you meant?

  • onesong

    Dennis Hopper as Fed Franz

  • Honesty

    I have an inside track that Goofy is going to play the part of CT Russell, Mickey mouse is Judge Rutherfraud and Minnie is his personal secretary.

  • Sentient

    I've been wondering what it would be like to make a major motion picture depicting the Witnesses' vision of the future of the world, but I can't yet think of any way to do it that would actually interest any other people besides JWs or exJWs. Or maybe I'm wrong and it would really be of interest to other Christian groups who generally do not like them.

  • Undecided

    Did anyone see the TV show last night called the funniest videos or something like that. It showed what life would be like after Armageddon. It was funny.

    Ken P.

  • limbogirl

    I think that Michael Jackson should have a part in your movie.

  • Clam

    LOL @ Limbogirl

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