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  • MsMcDucket

    I had a nightmare that had to be based on the movie "Diary of A Mad Black Woman". I dreamed that my husband left me for a 17 year old hispanic girl. She was beautiful and shapely. He kicked me to the curb. Didn't care if I had a dime. In the dream, I was destitute and begging. I was heartbroken! It seemed like my husband had forgotten all that I had done for him. I kept thinking, why didn't I leave him when I was I am old and ugly...who would want me now. It was awful!

    Anyone ever have a nightmare like that?

  • luna2

    Sort of. When I was a lot younger and not even married yet, I used to dream that my fiance was screwing around and was going to dump me. I'd wake up crying. Now I think that it was my subconscious trying desperately to clue me in. I did marry the guy and after a couple years, discovered that he'd had numerous affairs. Fortunately, he didn't leave me and our boys destitute...which is something at least.

  • BizzyBee

    Yes, I have. It stems from something that is making you feel insecure and fearful about your future. Is it that your husband has had a health scare? That would be enough to do it.

  • Robdar

    I find your dream interesting.........

    I believe that we can and do dream about future events. I also believe that sometimes our subconcious is just letting off steam. But how to tell the difference?

    It has been my experience that if you keep dreaming about something like this, you should pay attention. Before my marriage ended, I had many intense dreams. Some involved my ex, some involved my father and some involved my brother. I really don't want to go into the dreams on a public forum but if you want further info, you can send me a pm.


  • Super_Becka

    Hmm, I went to bed last night thinking about my boyfriend, and I dreamed that I was in a relationship with someone completely different. It was really strange, because this "dream guy" was pretty much the polar opposite of my current boyfriend - outgoing, exciting, spontaneous and African American (maybe that doesn't seem like a big thing, and I certainly wasn't disturbed by it, I quite like the idea of dating an African American, but I live in the whitest province in Canada, black people are exceptionally rare here, I don't even know any, why would I dream about one??). He also had all of the great qualities of my current boyfriend, sweet, funny, attentive, affectionate, sensitive... and extremely attractive. Maybe the biggest thing that stood out about this dream was that this "dream guy" wasn't a JW.

    Hmm, are my dreams trying to tell me something?? Whadda ya think??

    -Becka :)

  • MsMcDucket

    Becka, sometimes, I think when we are worried about something that it carries over into your dreams. I don't know what your dream means, and I don't know what mine means; but, my dream was only on point in one area; and that would be that I would be heart broken (and very angry) if my husband had an affair. I would not be destitute because I do have a decent job and an older daughter who is not shunning me. My mother is still alive, I have several sisters that would take me in, I have several neices that would take me in (even if I was destitute).

    I know that my husband isn't dating a 17-year-old girl! Heck, the man has already had a heart attack, dating a 17 year old would be just like committing suicide.

    So, I don't know what my dream was trying to tell me.

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