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  • startingover

    I came across this in an essay written by S. G. Friedman, Ph.D.

    It’s not that science can be relied on to always provide the Truth. We’ve all been jerked and pulled by the capricious findings of science too many times to be so naïve. I mean, until they make up their minds about chocolate, coffee and red wine, count me in. Scientists themselves concede that a fact is only a fact until it’s replaced by a better one. However, what science does offer, far better than common sense, conventional wisdom and other ways of knowing, is a process of self-correction over time that is achieved by two fundamental activities – public, peer-review and verification of findings across independent groups of researchers. Thus, although what is known today may indeed change tomorrow, it is the very best, most reliable information available at this moment.

    Imagine the WT quoting from this statement. In their efforts to minimalize science they would quote the following:

    Scientists themselves concede that a fact is only a fact until it’s replaced by a better one.

    I have shown similar misquotations to loyal dubs, and they cannot see what I am talking about. I have such a hard time dealing with that. More than once in those conversations I have felt like banging my head against the wall.

    BTW, I thought the above quote was an excellent description of how science works.

  • Sentient

    You are right, startingover! So right. Excellent quote and example of how those who feel the need to literally believe in fairy tales are NOT the same in their pursuit of truth as a person who can learn to live with the fact that what they believe is only the best understanding currently known and even the basic understandings of many things may change. JWs on the other hand believe in progressively revealed truth yet paradoxically do not allow current ideas to be questioned.

    It's like if you just arrived suddenly on this planet and asked the local beings, "Tell me, what is the truth about how you all got here and what your existence is all about?" What you would be told by any particular person would simply be their ideas, you would have to examine as many independent sources as possible to get closer to having any confidence in your beliefs about what they say. You would not simply search for whoever seems to have the most "faith".

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