Coptic Bible, gospel of John? (Leolaia)

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  • OHappyDay

    This is directed to Leolaia who seems to know these things, but any body else who knows can answer.

    I hear there is a coptic (Egyptian?) Bible that defends the New World translation in the gospel of John.

    Any truth to that?

  • peacefulpete

    John 1:1 in Coptic Translation this thread opened the discussion about it. There note Leolaia and Narkissos' observations about the generalized Coptic use of indefinite articles AND very pertinent comments about the ProtoGnostic writer of the prologue's terminology suggests neither a Trinitarian nor JW theology. The writer shared the belief in a pleuroma (God) that we emanate from and return to.

  • OHappyDay

    Thanks for the link to the other forum. I see it is being discussed already.

    I would not have thought to look for it in "Friends."

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