Who wants to come out?

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  • _Atlas

    Being watching some ‘spiritual pornography’ lately?

    Thinking about some ‘spiritual fornication’?

    Booking a date with 'Babylon the great harlot'?

    Let’s face it…

    You’ve got to come out of the spiritual closet!!!

    You can actually stop here if this thread is too sexy for you

    But be true to yourself, you like to be given your share of truth from time to time… In fact YOU CRAVE IT!!!

    See, real JWs don’t dance…

    [insert you favorite Christian Hymn here played to the tunes of YMCA]

    ...Feel your hips moving right with the 607/586 BC. faux pas?

    ...Feel them swinging left with the UN fiasco?

    Your feet are jumping to the beat of the 1975 blunder…

    Don’t tell me now you don’t like to get down with the ‘spiritual light’?

    Come on… just scream it!!! Say it!!!




    Hum… hum… hum

    Sorry I got carried away

    What I wanted to ask was:

    What’s the WT thing with sexual images and other religions?

  • tetrapod.sapien



    i like your style atlas!

    What’s the WT thing with sexual images and other religions?

    these puritanical, ultra-"moral" groups, JWs or otherwise, automatically assume or believe that sexulaity is something that is evil and or shameful. so, it's a favorite insult for them to fling at others.

    but i am with you man. loving the harlot enemies of these groups.

    it's funny, the WTS is always going on and on about how the isrealites had to stay pure to jehovah, while surrounded my pagan Baal phallus worshipers. LOL. i bet those Baal folk were having a way better time than the dumb isrealites. much healthier prostates over in the harlot land, i do say!

    one of the nicest things about being a WTS apostate, is the sexual liberation. well, that is to say, if you have truly apostasized. many haven't unfortunately. still puritans. whatevs.


  • lisavegas420
  • greendawn

    The WTS carries on its forehead the classic marks of Babylon and no matter how much they shout against her we can see that they are definitely part of it. They are lying, enslaving through moralism their people, they have enormous wealth but help no one and they love luxury especially Rutherford their real founder.

  • Narkissos

    The strange WT speech and its sexual overtones are directly drawn from the prophetic (especially Ezekiel) charges against "idolatry," which are an indirect testimony to (and resurgence of) the central place of sexuality (including temple prostitution) in the ancient Israelite religion.

    How the "holy" (qdsh, whence qdshym and qdshwt, "temple prostitutes") which once gravitated around the mysteries of sex and fertility came to be opposed to it, while reveling in disparaging use of sexual speech, is quite interesting psychologically.

  • BrendaCloutier


    Oh gawd Lisa, that's just wrong! REALLY REALLY FUNNY but wrong.

  • jt stumbler

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