Witness girls Party hard in Rome

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    Just came across this guys trip blog through a google image search on JW's. Anyways I found it interesting that toword the very last of his pictures of his trip to Rome he has a few of him partying it up with some Jehovah's Witnesses and being shocked at how different they were from the ones at the door.

    I found it funny as I remember being a witness kid and partying, how it felt like such a relief to cut loose, get away from the JW talk, just have fun with friends, and then go to a sunday meeting with a hangover. Maybe though the JW's in Rome are much more relaxed then in North America.


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    So do you think they got it on that night? Looks like maybe the photo was taken in the guys hotel room. lol


  • misspeaches

    seems like the left quite the impression on him...


    Ended up in an Irish bar and met up with the two girls from Brisbane. Another guy turned up and we all ended up going to dinner together. Turned out they were Jehovah's Witnesses on holiday. They were really nice. Was interesting to find out about the whole Jehovah's Witness thing as well. Apparently, the Jehovah's Witnesses hold that the is a limit on how many people who can go to heaven. These two girls said that they definitely wouldn't make it as the place upstairs was full and they probably sinned too much. Interesting line of thought. We all ended up going back to the Irish bar and getting totally trashed. All in all, not a bad Friday night.
    Saturday 28 October 2000
    Got out of bed a little later than planned. Definitely the last time I hit the town with a bunch of Jehovah's Witnesses.
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    Haha! Looks like they knew how to show him a good time. He was burned out and they were just firing up. Thats cool, glad they had a good time but show symptoms of typical dub thinking.

    Thanks for finding that and posting it Miss Peaches.


  • Mutz

    That reminds me of some Spanish holiday snaps I saw when I was in the clan.
    In one of them there was a brother passed out on the floor outside his villa,
    a puddle of puke at one end and a puddle of pee at the other.
    All good Christian fun I guess? :)

  • AuldSoul


    Me and one of the Jehovah's Witness girls at this Irish pub. Can't remember the name but it wasn't the The Drunken Ship where I partied with a whole lot of American college students. This place was funny as I just hung out with the girls drinking and joked with a lot of the italian guys there. The Italian guys didn't really speak english but we had a laugh anyway. Some guy jokes cross language boundaries.

    I see his thumb, so where the hell is his hand? LOL! KM School grads, is this uncleanness WITH greediness since she's also drunk?


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    we can't see where the other bits of him are, but we do see that his tongue is hanging out! He's feeling mighty good!

  • homejah

    I wonder whatever happened to Ticker?

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