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  • bonnzo

    Title of article "now is the time for decisive action". the example of a man of decisive action was jehu. the account is in 2kings 9:1 thru 10:28. this is jehu eradicating ba'al worship in isreal. he did this by killing jezebel, king jehoram, and then tricking the remaining ba'al worshipping isrealites and then killing them. para 18 quotes 2kings 10:16 partially. the sentence reads: concerning these, jehu took decisive action to show his 'toleration of no rivalry toward jehovah'". why do they say this when 2kings 10:29,31 say this about jehu:"it was only the sins of jereboam, the son of nebat, with which he caused isreal to sin, that jehu did not turn aside from following them, that is, the golden calves of which one was in bethel and one in dan", "and jehu himself did not care to walk in the law of jehovah the god of isreal with all his heart"? that's what they call decisive!? isn't the self called annointed known as the jehu class and the great crowd the jonadab class for going with jehu in his tolerating no rivalry to jehovah(except calf worship).i dont get it....along with alot of other things

    oh yes, regarding 2 kings 20:29, wonder if there is a golden calf in bethel? hee hee..

  • DaCheech

    The question is: why is it that the bible says in some cases that God destroyed people even with the use of angels, and on other occasions God needed someone to do his dirty work?

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    They are the Ultimate Golden Calf...!!!!!! When they thought God was delaying (like Moses seemed to have delayed coming down from the mountain) The JW's made a Organization (a word not found in the bible) for everyone to follow INSTEAD of Jesus....

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