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  • free2beme

    I actually always thought I had a pretty good hand on what was happening online. Then the other day someone mentioned this place called and I thought it was something new and went there. It seems to be the happening place online now and has been around for a long time. The sad thing is, I actually just heard of it less then a week ago and had no idea it was even there. Is there any other "HUGE" thing happening online that I lost track of in my limited time of doing internet these days?

  • Ticker

    Don't worry it's worse when you've known about it for along time but have been too busy to get online and log into it.


  • Tuesday

    Myspace is like the way to get in touch with friends if you don't have their e-mail. It's like a large directory of home pages that you can send messages to everyone when you see their homepage.

  • jstalin

    It's largely a site for teens, so don't feel bad.

  • daystar

    Heard of MP3s?

  • GoingGoingGone

    The only reason I know most of what I do about the latest in the world of technology and the Internet is because of my teenage kids... Once they're out of the house I'm going to have to figure it all out on my own. Or maybe I'll just hire my son as a consultant... call him every other week and demand to know all the latest technology news...

    GGG (of the Pretty Clueless class)

  • Cady

    I only got a page b/c my brother wanted me to see his gf's picture, and you have to have an account to see a lot of the stuff. The cool thing is once I started searching for people, I found some old friends from middle school and my best friend from college 10 years ago!! We actually talk fairly regularly now, so it was totally worth it!

  • Bstndance

    It's a huge marketing tool owned by Newscorp (FOX). But I still use it. It's great to post little posts that goto your friends such as: "I have no plans this weekend. Anyone have any ideas?" Then people can get back to you at their leisure.

  • LDH

    don't forget Xangas.....

  • free2beme

    I kind of noticed it was mainly a teen site too. I have a lot of people I know who use it though, not all teens.

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