What Difference Does Righteousness Make?

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  • metatron

    How can people be fanatical about "righteousness", when that quality has no basis in reality? or when the "wickedness"

    causes no harm to anyone?

    Now, it's easy enough to see that lying, murder and theft undermine a happy, peaceful society - but what about other "sins"

    such as:

    Masturbation: this one seems to prevent more trouble than causing any. Keep in mind, that you can't tickle yourself,

    so, God or evolution must have given you the ability to whack off now and then. Why would a Creator care?

    Homosexuality: I used to puzzle about this one - if it "militates against families", what about gay marriage and adoption?

    If the world is too crowded, what's the point of raising more kids? If disease is the reason why it's bad, then lesbians

    must be OK because they don't communicate STD's - and suppose they found a cure for AIDS? would it be OK then?

    I used to think that lesbians were hateful against men - but found out that just because someone isn't a potential sex object,

    doesn't mean you despise them!

    Blood Transfusion: what is the practical reason for this one? Do you respect blood as a symbol of life so much that you

    will die for it? What sense does that make? Why would God give a rats posterior about a sticky red fluid? If it's because

    transfusions are dangerous, then would it be OK if a way is found to make it safe?

    On this one, when I was a 'faithful elder', I thought that , perhaps, creating a blood taboo now was a part of God's purpose

    to make us into total vegans in the New World. However, a great many 'worldly teenagers' seem to be adopting

    vegetarianism without this 'taboo' at present, so what's the point?

    In summary, I suppose that all religions have rules for what righteousness is supposed to be - often apart from practical logic-

    We can only hope that these righteous fixations don't get anyone killed - or that such religions fade away, if they do.


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