Did you shoot-down Dates with Lame Excuses?

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  • Dune

    The semester started last week and i was walking to class today and i found this girl that i've known since my freshman year. Anyway, she seems to be VERY interested in my because she always invites me to parties and outings with her friends.

    For the years that i've known her i've been giving her LAME excuses as to why i cant go to the movies, restaurants or parties with her. Excuses such as "My mother needs help moving furniture" or "I'm too tired". Its kind of funny because everytime she sees me she does the whole process over and over again.

    This will be the last year that i'll be a JW anyway, so if the mood strikes me i might go for it with her.

    Anyway, I was wondering, did any of you have women (men? both?) give you advances just to offer them lame excuses just cause "My bible trained conscience wont allow me to go out with you" was too cultish?

  • jeanniebeanz

    No, sadly... I was 'true blue' and told them the truth... much to the detriment of any hopes for a normal social life... lol


  • silentWatcher

    I wish I HAD your problem. :-)

    -silent (of the "looks kinda like a non-green version of shrek" class)

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