Yikes! Propaganda everywhere

by joelbear 8 Replies latest jw friends

  • joelbear

    from the Watchtower to commercials to talking heads on the news shows. everyone wanting us to share their point of view.

    they want our minds, our money, our votes and our mouths to spread their propaganda.

    propaganda controls the cultural and social order of the world.

    it takes more time to read, listen to thoughful educational programming and do research, so 99% of people just follow the


    training the individual mind to think rationally is the greatest challenge. we are making headway. will it be fast enough?

  • undercover

    Yep, propaganda is everywhere...but so is <send me your money> subliminal messages. They're everywhere <hot babes want me>, TV, movies, music. You just can't <I need tix to the Super Bowl> get away from it.

  • joelbear

    but you can bounce it off you if you have enough mental resistance built up.

  • Carmel

    "...and the spin stops here..!" Believe that and I have a bridge to sell you!


  • onesong

    I like what ee cummings said: " To be yourself in a world which is trying it's best, night and day to make you someone else, is to fight the hardest battle any human being can fight and never stop fighting."

  • Satanus

    So true, joelb. It's a synthetic culture. Stop watching tv, stop listening to the radio, stop reading the newspapers, stop reading time/newsweek and mags like them, stop going to movies. Impossible? Not really. I stopped it all, and rarely see a movie, and very little tv.


  • joelbear

    great quote one song

  • jstalin

    I stopped watching any meaningful amount of TV several years ago. I was amazed by how different the world starts to appear.

  • wombat

    Yeah...good quote Onesong....I will forward it to my daughter so we can discuss it in depth. It could suggest having a closed mind also. It's good to make us think.

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