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    BLONDIE’S highlights FROM the 02-15-2015 WT Study (DECEMBER 15, 2014, pages (11-15)



    “He opened up their minds fully to grasp the meaning of the Scriptures.”—LUKE 24:45


    The one thing I got out of this is that the word from the “flock” is that no one is listening to their preaching and teaching. How many older/mature jws ever train newer ones any more…prepare to do it. Take them on a study; see how it’s done. Instead jws are giving a “singing cart” to put on the sidewalk and stand silently by using an i-pad to communicate the message…a message few of them know themselves based on youtubes on JWN.


    1. Notice that Jesus, the Son of God, who interpreted.

    “Do not interpretations belong to God?” (Genesis 40:8)

    1. Remember that these men had seen Jesus and his miracles, heard him talk as well as teach them for 3 ½ years, eaten, drank, slept, prayed with him. Who of the WTS anointed had/have done these things?

    1. “Perhaps we are busy in the work of the Lord, but we are discouraged because we do not see results.

      I saw jws who did not read the publications they presented, use any scriptures, went when people would be home, stood around like wooden Indians when doing street work or the current cart work. Jws that turned over any likely return visits to others because they could not or would not commit the time for a bible student because it interfered with the recreation.

      Students who made little progress because the jw did little or no preparation and could not answer any questions the student had instead running to an elder or older jw.

    1. So now the WTS blames this lack of progress on “sleeping” individual jws; not the lack of real training at the school or training by the field serve group conductor. How many jws have seen a demonstration of how to conduct a progressive study either in the school or service meeting? How many remember the district convention that showed jws how to answer basic questions from students…how many jws longtime knew the answers?

    1. Jehovah makes it grows…thus many jws feel that no matter how little effort they the individual puts in, that God will make the person learn.

    2. Jws have no control…so why try very hard…

    So who is forcing or pressuring students to get baptized---parents and elders forcing children as young as 6?

    Is this force, “If you don’t get baptized as a jw, you’ll die at Armageddon.”

    *** w07 7/1 p. 13 par. 7 Highlights From the Book of Ezekiel—I ***

    9:3-6. Acquiring the mark—the evidence that we are dedicated, baptized servants of God and that we have the Christian personality—is essential for surviving the “great tribulation.” (Matthew 24:21)

    1. No results---not sign of unfaithfulness…judge ministry by effort and time you put in though…if you spend more time watching sports or other tv shows than in the ministry………

    2. How do you know someone has quit smoking, or fornicating, etc., by their word alone?

    3. Does the Memorial attendance each prove that millions are attacting a large number? Who come, current jws, ex-jws, inactive jws, small children and babies are counted, non-jw family, curious non-jws, bible students, df’d and da’d jws. How many come to other meetings after this one? How many jws and inactive jws feel that coming to this one meeting protects them from dying at Armageddon? I used to call these submarine jws, they only come up once a year.

    4. New light: The symbolic separating of fish does not refer to the final judgment during the great tribulation.

    *** w08 7/15 p. 20 par. 17 You Do Not Know Where It Will Have Success! ***

    Does this separating refer to the final judgment of the sheep and the goats that Jesus said would occur when he arrived in his glory? (Matt. 25:31-33) No. That final judgment will occur at Jesus’ coming during the great tribulation. By contrast, the separating referred to in the illustration of the dragnet occurs during “the conclusion of the system of things.” This is the time in which we are now living—the days leading up to the great tribulation.

    *** w08 7/15 p. 20 You Do Not Know Where It Will Have Success! ***

    Although Matthew 13:39-43 refers to a different aspect of the Kingdom-preaching work, the time of its fulfillment parallels the time of the fulfillment of the dragnet illustration, namely, during “the conclusion of the system of things.” The separating of the symbolic fish is an ongoing process, just as the sowing and harvesting work is continual throughout this time period.—The Watchtower, October 15, 2000, pages 25-26; Worship the Only True God, pages 178-181, paragraphs 8-11.

    1. So are any jws distraught over the lack of progress of a bible student….maybe over one of their children. But how many parents have a family study or Family Worship as it is called now? Do the parents and children prepare, is there weekly assigned material? Whether the WTS changes the terminology the result is the same. Study is not a joy and the average jw family spends more time watching tv than studying the bible or preparing for preaching. “Those unwilling to submit to Jehovah’s rulership (the WTS organization) will eventually be separated from God’s people (only jws)(eternally without the hope of a resurrection).

    1. “Does this mean those who have left the truth (the WTS organization) will never be allowed to return to the organization?”

      “Or if someone fails to dedicate his life to Jehovah, will he (she) be forever classified as someone ‘unsuitable’? No. There is still a window of opportunity for such ones before the outbreak of the great tribulation.” Is it no surprised that many jws try and predict the beginning of the GT by determining the downfall of religion.

    *** w12 9/15 p. 4 par. 5 How This World Will Come to an End ***

    That attack against all forms of false religion, including Christendom, is the start of the “great tribulation.” (Matt. 24:21; 2 Thess. 2:8)

    1. Prodigal son represents those who have strayed from the congregation. Strayed = df’d, da’d, inactive?

    1. Father never stopped hoping….how many jws write off even inactive jws…how many make loving contact? The father acted quickly to welcome him back…not on restrictions for a year. The son did not have to submit a letter to the elders requesting return.

    *** km 3/83 p. 3 Announcements ***

    Questions have been raised as to how long one must wait after a reproof or reinstatement before qualifying for appointment as an auxiliary pioneer. Since all pioneers are required to be exemplary in conduct, this privilege may not be extended to one until at least one year has passed following a reproof or reinstatement from disfellowshipping or disassociation. All restrictions imposed by the judicial committee must already have been removed.

    1. Never would we want to be so “overly righteous” that we refuse to welcome repentant sinners….someone who leaves the congregation (the WTS) should be viewed as “a lost sheep” not a lost cause….offering loving and practical help… (so do all jws, not just elders, look for the lost one until they are found, do they rejoice and encourages others to rejoice, view the lost one as more important than the 99). Truly aren’t all sinners per the bible? Don’t all need to repent every day? Righteous does not equal sinless. “appropriate help”?!

    (Luke 15:1-7) . . .Now all the tax collectors and the sinners kept drawing near to him to hear him. 2 Consequently both the Pharisees and the scribes kept muttering, saying: “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.” 3 Then he spoke this illustration to them, saying: 4 “What man of YOU with a hundred sheep, on losing one of them, will not leave the ninety-nine behind in the wilderness and go for the lost one until he finds it? 5 And when he has found it he puts it upon his shoulders and rejoices. 6 And when he gets home he calls his friends and his neighbors together, saying to them, ‘Rejoice with me, because I have found my sheep that was lost.’ 7 I tell YOU that thus there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner that repents than over ninety-nine righteous ones who have no need of repentance.

    1. Everyone is so supportive and loving (really, 45 years a jw, never saw this, standing off to the side and gossiping about their past sins)

    2. So what jws expect any except their own children to take a stand? If the people they talk to don’t listen, if the jw does not put their heart into it and sees them as the one sheep out of 99, will love attract them?

    3. Learn about Jehovah and Jesus….check the study articles and see how often Jesus is mentioned in a way for the readers to learn.

    Love, Blondie

  • millie210

    LOL at the "submarine christians". We used to call them "woodworkers" because they came out of the woodwork once a year.

    And now I AM one...

  • WTWizard

    With the lack of knowledge of what they are supposed to be preaching, and the confusion with the doctrine, I don't know how anyone expects the Israel mission this spring to be anything but a complete fiasco. All they know how to do these days is push a stupid cart around, with soul-damnation noise coming out of it, and show clips of video from their electronic device (at their own expense). Can they explain half of what is in those damnation videos? Probably not.

    And, if they can't even explain the doctrine at their local store or in their own territory, I would like to see how many of them successfully recruit a high ranking rabbi in Mea Shearim (the ultra orthodox district of Jerusalem). Or, place as much as a waste of paper with one, without its being for the purpose of the rabbi using black magic on the whole human race. They look like idiots right here at home. All they are going to do is make themselves look even more stupid.

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