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  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    I was speaking to my ex last night and saying how did she feel the governing body of the Witnesses worked in practice, and that as annointed its been 71 years since the number was sealed - and therefore what happens when they become too old or dead? She then mentioned the 'Ruth class'. I imagine this is some way the society is trying to alleviate the problem of the dying annointed by saying its a prophesy indicating that others would join the annointed and help out? Anyone know more about this?


  • tetrapod.sapien
  • tetrapod.sapien

    when will the madness end? wish i could help arnie. it's just all so weird. someone else will help i am sure though. ts

  • luna2

    I don't have any real answer for you either, cyberdyne, but your speculation sounds reasonable.

    Isn't the WTS fortunate that there are so many different Bible characters that they can always find one to suit their ever-changing needs? It's amazing what you can get away with when the R & F consist of sheep who are conditioned to believe that anything you pull out of your ass is from Jehootie.

  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    Hi, cyberdyne systems, Regarding your query about the "Ruth Class" It was a fashioable expression that the JWs were using around the '30s and 40s, and was almost loosing its currency by the 60s when I joined up in the 60s. The expression started with Judge Ruther-turd the WTS's second prez. Between the years 1930 - 1940 JFR wrote a series of books [starting with "Light" vol 1] in which he plundered various books of the Bible to produce probably what was the most bizarre and ludicrous "explanation" of Scripture. The WTS are so embarresed by these books that they no longer refer to them nor do they encourage the R&F to read them.

    Basically, JFR's idea was that in the various incidents recorded in OT history, one could read "hidden truths" which detailed the history of the WT movement of his day. He utilized a perfectly legitimate form of Bible exegesis [called the Antitype - the book of Hebrews tells us that Melchizedek was an antitype of Christ for example] but distorted this in such a way that he ended up with a fantasmagorical array of the most self-contradictory and absurd analogies. For instance in the book "Preparation [Published in 1933] he triumphantly "explains" Zech 14:14, which is actually talking of the surrounding nations arrayed against Israel, however according to the WT "wunderkind" this was actually a "prophecy about the RC Church and its Big Business hirelings trying to stop his radio broadcasts!! [The WTS at that time owned a local NY based radio station caller WBBR]

    In 1932 he published a volume called "Preservation" in which he sought to explain the events following the turmoil that the WTS encountered in 1916, following the death of Russell - a time when the WTS faced massive defections. He had to find something in the Bible that "foretold" the existence of a small group of followers that would remain loyal to the society during these days. He found this in the book of Ruth. Just as Ruth stayed loyal to Naomi, while her other daughter-in-law, Orpah did not, so in JFR's day the group that stayed loyal to the Organisation were termed the "Ruth Class" These were portrayed as a younger generation of the "anointed" who had joined the org after 1922. The ones prior to 1922 were, appropriately, the "Naomi" class.

    This "Ruth" class was to be the "second generation" of "anointed" who would survive into the New World and lead the faithful into the Millennium. Naturally, as this group started to themselves die out, and since there was nothing that the WTS could find in the Bible to define a "third generation" the concept was allowed to die a natural death. By the 60s when I came in, the expression was already an embarrasing reminder of more foolish days.

    Unless the WTS is reviving the expression with another connotation, I am unaware of its current usage

    Hope this helps


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    The whole Ruth/Naomi baloney was more of the schism of 1918 onward Rutherford excuses for divisions. They were looking for parallels everywhere, downright fixated they were! So, the Ruth class isn't everyone after 1918, just those in the 1920's willing to follow the Judge. This crap isn't published after 1980, you just dont see it anymore.

    *** w80 2/15 p. 16 Festival Illumination ***

    In the period from 1919 onward thousands of others took their stand for God’s established kingdom and dedicated themselves to Jehovah, got baptized, were begotten spiritually and were anointed with God’s spirit, and these were added to the ranks of the original remnant. These newly added ones were, as a class, prefigured by outstanding characters in pre-Christian Bible dramas. These illustrious characters were Ruth the Moabitess, who became the loyal companion of the Jewess Naomi, her mother-in-law, and also Queen Esther, the cousin of the Jew Mordecai, who became the prime minister of the Persian Empire under Emperor Ahasuerus, or Xerxes.


    w80 2/15 p. 21 Festival to Be Celebrated by Billions ***

    However, the ingathering of those of the "great crowd" did not stop the gathering of any further members of the Ruth and Esther class. No, but more "branches" worthy of becoming part of the Christ "vine" kept on being gathered. (John 15:1-8) More "branches" continued to be gathered for being "grafted" into the symbolic "garden olive tree," as described in Romans 11:17-24.—Deut. 16:13.

    *** w52 4/15 p. 252 Aids for Understanding Prophecy ***

    In the complete fulfillment the first installment occurred in the spring of 1919, when the spirit was poured out to set to work the anointed Christian remnant who survived the temple judgment of 1918. Then three and one-half years later, in the fall of 1922, the Ruth and Esther class of the anointed remnant began to come in and were set to work. These 1919 and 1922 events are in direct parallel to the events of A.D. 33 and 36.


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