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  • Seven

    Hi! Any gamers out there?

    I've just finished playing a demo disc of Dreamcast's F1 World Grand Prix. This could be the racing game I've been waiting for, after the disappointing Flag to Flag. I've gotten much enjoyment out of Crazy Taxi, but it's starting to get monotonous.

    Tomb Raider: The Last Rev. has never looked better[well, maybe on my PC]. And for those with a strong stomach-RE:Code Veronica. WOW!

    My favorite games for this system are Soul Calibur, Sonic, NHL 2K(the best hockey game ever made for a console) and now Tomb Raider.

    I am waiting patiently for Shenmue.

    :) 7of9

  • evilpiaget

    I have a dreamcast and I love Sword of the Beserk. I also have spent hours playing Phatasy Star Online on the dreamcast and gamecube. That game is so addictive.

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