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  • Tuesday

    OK so those who've read my posts or remember them even slightly will remember the whole pro-wrestler thing. I'm looking for a new look, I'm trying to work out as hard as I can so I don't have to wear a singlet anymore (hiding a little bit o' chub) I'm thinking of doing an Irish Assassin gimmick or something like that. Something where I won't look like an older guy desperatly trying to be 20. Right now I'm doing a Rock Star type gimmick, I basically look like Trent Reznor if he wrestled right now. The thing is to work on the gimmick you gotta go with the whole package so I'm thinking of entrance gear. I'm a huge mark for guys who will wear like a cut up T-Shirt to the ring, so I'm trying to do that now; pick out one that works. I'm really leaning toward that big Silent Lambs logo on the T-Shirt, but the Silent Lambs store doesn't sell any shirts with the logo just huge across the chest. Anyone know where I can find one? I know it's a really wierd request, but I think that would be a real cool thing to do when I travel around advertising something like that.

  • AlmostAtheist

    Hey Tuesday,

    That's an interesting idea. It couldn't hurt to contact SilentLambs and let them know what you've got in mind. They might have some suggestions for you on it.

    If you ever want a custom t-shirt or anything made, can make it for you. You supply the logo and text, they print out the goodies. It's not cheap, but it gets the job done.


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