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  • Inquisitor

    Hi all

    I've been reading the posts regarding the not-so-recent change in baptismal vows. Apparently, unlike previous years where allegience is pledged to Jehovah and Christ, the current vows makes baptismal candidates formally associate themselves with the WTS.

    My question is: Can we forsee any possible complications arising out of this? Is there anything particularly sinister about this "new" vow?



  • garybuss

    I was baptized in 1957 when I was 12 due to the expiration of the family merit salvation plan and dunked under the old vows.
    The best part of being baptized by Witness people is they can use the baptism of a 12 year old like me as an excuse to shun and snub me 50 years later.
    I heard a rumor that the reason the Witness people started to use the baptism to the "spirit directed organization" as a proof of joining the group as a "member" was so they had authority to impose sanctions such as snubbing and shunning on people. Apparently there was a "legal" problem with using group rules to punish people who were not members of the group.
    When I was baptized, the Witness people denied there were ANY members. They said there is nothing to join. That's changed.
    They used to say we were all ministers. Then they said only appointed special people like elders, are ministers. Then I think they went back to everybody who solicits donations door to door is a minister again.
    You know what? I think they're confused.

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