House Swapping

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  • Purza

    Since my search function does not work, I cannot determine if this has been discussed here before.

    Has anyone swapped houses with another family in order to take a vacation? I saw it on the news and it is supposedly the hot thing to do in order to save costs on hotel/car rental, etc. I know someone who recently did it with another family in Hawaii and he swore his house was cleaner upon his return than when he left.

    I am seriously considering it as I live in a desirable tourist area in California and want to travel back east to see some sites (and don't have a ton of cash to blow). Has anyone done it? Care to share a good (or bad) experience? Can you recommend a good website to register with?



  • evita

    Hi Purza
    My sister did this twice; she lives in Oakland. Once with a family in Denmark and one other time I can't remember where they went. Both were good experiences for her. I'm thinking of doing the same thing as I've been told our area is highly desirable. Let me know if you get any good information. I'll ask my sis more about it when I talk with her tomorrow.

  • simplesally

    You could also ask if any of your family has any unused timeshare credits. Sometimes people bank so many units its almost impossible to use them before they expire.

  • GoingGoingGone

    I have never done this but I know several families who have. They had only good experiences, and they were international swaps. Sounds like fun!!


  • Purza

    Thanks for you replies. I actually did some reading on and it sounds very interesting. You could even switch with people for the weekend. I am thinking I might sign up!


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