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  • coffee_black

    I was searching on the web for something unrelated to jw stuff, and came across the following:

    Thought some might find it interesting.


  • The Lone Ranger
    The Lone Ranger

    It really shows the roots of the Watchtower and Charles russel. On the home page there is a special issue regarding their History with a photo of charles russell in the group of men. They still beleive in the Great Pyramid too. The Watchtower Society is nothing but a break-away from them.

  • Fatfreek

    Very interesting, Coffee. I found the discourse, verbatim in the link, on The Great Pyramid quite entertaining. Everyone, including today's JW's, should treat themselves to the spinning that takes place on the passages, the rooms, the measurements, the accuracy, etc. All pointing to events in 1914, 1915, etc. I believe they hung on to this teaching till around 1928. It starts out like this:


    DEAR Friends: I have great pleasure in coming be fore you and speaking a little more concerning God’s purposes with regard to the time features of His plan. I want to remind you of our motto for this year, "In Due Time," and to show you how God has been working everything on time. It is six years since I first read the chapter on the Pyramid in the third volume of Millennial Dawn. At that time I was somewhat prejudiced against it; partly because the Pyramid is not the Bible, and partly because it seemed to me too fanciful to imagine that its various passages should symbolize the plan of salvation. I cast the matter entirely aside, and did not study it again until April of this year (1906), when I had to take it up in the usual course of the Glasgow class for Dawn study. My knowledge of God’s plan of salvation is now deeper and wider than it was six years ago and accordingly I am now better able to appreciate the symbolism of the Pyramid. As a result of this year’s study of the Great Pyramid I agree with Brother Russell that it is indeed God’s stone witness in Egypt. I now feel certain, dear friends, that God was the architect of this wonderful structure and ...


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