how do they pick and choose churches?

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  • gspradling

    Hi All,

    Is this what most jws believe? My jw mom would not go to my wedding in a Methodist church because she said that my wife and her family attended that church, but when my daughter got married she said it was ok for her to go into the church my daughter was getting married at because neither my daughter or her husband attended church there. What is the difference? Gene

  • AuntieJane

    Who knows...they pick and choose as their 'conscience' allows them. Their guilt-ridden JW taught conscience.

    The saddest connection I have with this is that my brother, NOT a JW, not attending any church, died suddenly and

    having been born Catholic, was given a Catholic funeral. His JW son and daughter (both who entered the JW's in

    their 20's on their own)...stood by the door of the church during the entire service (which was very nice and many

    family and friends spoke of my brother, their dad, and said many good things. But these 2 and their kids stood like

    soldiers observing, from a distance. The fear of Satan, I suppose; I say it was Satan himself who put them there.

    Whatever! The hurt inflicted by the WTS at times like this is too much.


  • kristyann

    They stood by the DOOR during the funeral services? Oh brother, that probably got them the attention that JWs are so fond of...

    My boyfriend's parents went to a neighbor's wedding in a Catholic church and didn't seem to think anything of it... then again, they are the ones that pick and choose whichever rules they happen to like at the moment...

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