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  • DaCheech
  • Dune

    Wow, thats crazy.

    I wonder what was the guy's mentality when he did it.

    And i sure hope no one says "He must've thought they were witnesses" or "Too bad it wasnt witnesses" or something along those lines...

  • daniel-p

    That's horrible. The way that it was done it sounded like a gang initiation type thing - you know, where you have to kill or rape someone to get in or something like that.

  • TD

    Poor kids. --sigh

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I had to meet some mormon kids once. Very sincere people. This is a shame.

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    That is shocking. We had two morman boys calling on us. Mostly it was Clyde who talked to them, and they even got to the point of having a study because Clyde had a lot of questions. Very nice young men. They invited us a few times to their church but we politely decline. I couldn't stand to go from one high-control religion to another, but there are some things I do like about the Mormans. One is that they value education. One of them is planning to become a dentist.

  • joelbear

    very much a shame to die so young.

    people in general are more protective of their homes than they used to be, but this sounds like a mentally

    ill person.

    i had guns pulled on me twice in door to door work and was threatened with violence a number of times.

  • gumby

    Oh you just had to demean the Mormons ....just when I was thinkin of takin on some cheerleaders as my other wives. Thanks for ruining my plans ya bastards!


  • Outlawed

    As a Winchester collector, I hope that they not have been shot by a Winchester or other Browning design.

    John Browning was also a Mormon


  • greendawn

    That's sad and leaves everyone wondering what that guy's motives were, did he hold a grudge against the mormons or was he just a nutcase?

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