Being a good person and finding peace.

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  • joelbear

    For me there is such a personal reward in just being as good a person as I can be. Good meaning being nice and kind and giving.

    I am striving to find a very peaceful place for my mind to exist.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    It's good to be kind to others where you can - and even if some throw your kindness back at you, you can usually find peace in knowing that at least you did the right thing. There's a lot to be said for the scripture which talks of being kind even to enemies as that will heap burning coals on their heads! (I take this to mean that you'll eventually make them feel guilty about their attitude).

    I pray you'll find increasing peace on your journey.

  • kls

    Good thinking Joel and you are the kind of person that will be great at this.

  • DannyHaszard

    That's what i am humanitarian come judgment day i would rather be an unbeliever and fall on God's mercy,than cast my lot with the false prophets.

  • misspeaches

    Joel I think that you will shine at this. Its a great frame of mind to have though and to follow through with it. It just gives you so much inner peace.

  • wednesday

    I totally agree Danny

    If I do no harm, am mericiful and give what I can to those who have need, I know God will not forget me .But since I have left jws I feel I am truly one of mankind now . I want to help my fellow man not just so God will be pleased, but b/c he is my fellow man.

    I have heard it said that to truly impart pain /suffering in a story, song, picture, one must have suffered themself. Then also, you will know suffering when you see it.

    I hope to find a way to share my life lessons . I plan on making a difference in my childrens/grandchildrens lives.


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