Fulfillment of prophecy, where are we?

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  • gringojj

    My wife ran into a witness yesterday and he told her that they are waiting for one more thing to happen, the governments to attack religion, and when that happens it will be too late for her to get into the new system. I guess he was trying to scare her back to the meetings.

    So my wife wants to know what are the prophecies that have been fulfilled according to the WTS. Can anyone list them or link me to a post that addresses this? Thanks!

  • gringojj

    Thanks abaddon anyone else?

  • M.J.

    prophecies fulfilled by the WTS?

    You're joking?


    Sure, they'll say they got 1914 right. In fact it's the only thing they actually claim to have gotten right ahead of time. But the actual prophecy was that the present system was to end in 1914. The end of the "Gentile Times" meant that all church and state institutions would be destroyed, ushering in God's earthly rule, and the "remnant" would be raptured. Instead, WWI broke out, but nothing else happened. So they eventually had to re-interpret what "happened" in 1914.

  • M.J.

    Sorry, I see I misread your post now. Let's see. They say that Daniel's 70 weeks (of years) prophecy was fulfilled when Christ was baptized. (most conservative Christians hold to a very similar fulfilment, but a lot of scholars have pointed to different explanations).

    They say that Isaiah's mention of Cyrus foretold the conquest of Cyrus the Persian over Babylon like a century before it happened. (again, many scholars point to evidence that this portion of Isaiah was written after Cyrus came on the scene)

    They say that the 2,300 evenings and mornings in Daniel 8 occurred during WWII, when the "Anglo-American world power" trampled on the "holy place" (the WTS), ending when the WTS was restored to "the right condition"...by what? A corporate charter amendment...

    They say that the 7 trumpet blasts in revelation was fufilled by 7 proclamations by the WTS at 7 conventions in the 1920s

    They say that the two faithful servants in revelation who were killed then resurrected foretold when Rutherford and the other WTS leaders were thrown in prison in 1918...then subsequently released. The shame that the two servants endured by not being properly buried was fulfilled when the WTS leaders were denied bail.

  • JH
    they are waiting for one more thing to happen, the governments to attack religion

    How about peace and security that never came?

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