Anyone here driven a monster truck ?

by Aiesha Harley 9 Replies latest social physical

  • Aiesha Harley
    Aiesha Harley

    Got a moster truck driving session for Christmas - can't wait to give it a go !

  • Simon

    Wow, that sounds exciting!

    We went to see a Monster Truck show a few months ago - had a lot of the big names like GraveDigger etc. over from the US... was brilliant. Obviously, it was for the kids, not me

  • Aiesha Harley
    Aiesha Harley

    Well naturally it was for the kids Simon .

    I'm sooooo excited.

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    My cousin drives and owns one of those huge monster trucks in all the monster truck shows. It's very cool. He makes a good living doing it and gets to live out his childhood dreams daily.

    Not so easy to park at the grocery store though...LOL!


  • AlmostAtheist

    I don't like parking my wife's SUV (and it's only a Vitara), but SHE would love this! I didn't even know such a thing existed. Can you give me a link where I might be able to get something like this for her?


  • lonelysheep

    No, but I would LOVE to!!! Have fun!

  • misanthropic

    Wow talk about a really awesome Christmas present! Lucky girl......

  • Aiesha Harley
    Aiesha Harley

    Hehe thanks all

    Still counting down the days. Why Georgia, your cousins blooming lucky!

    I don't know anywhere in the States that does this but PM me if you want the link to the UK one (well Southern UK anyway!).

  • desbah

    I don't think I can get into a monster truck without a daughter purchase a truck with a lift and that truck is hard to get into, the upside of it...the view is nice

  • Aiesha Harley
    Aiesha Harley

    Apparently the tyres are 6 foot wide !!

    I'm looking forward to seeing the view from up there !

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