Is there Two Jehovahs? More than one "truth"?

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  • DavidChristopher

    I am relly confused. One Jehovah wants control over unquestioning, unreasoning, obedient, robots. The other wants us to get to know Him, make a choice, and obey him by choice and loyalty. Which did Jesus represent? So one incourages us to make our own decisions, and forgives us if we make the wrong ones. The other says He is going to kill us, if we attempt to make a decision and make the wrong one. Does that not scare the kids into being scared to try to learn to make decisions? see what I mean?

    How can you grow, if you don't make mistakes to "learn" from?

    Did anyone sit down and explain, WHY thou shalt not covet? Did anyone ask? Thou shalt not lie. ok WHY? So, you simply obey unquestioningly? What does that make you? Me, I would like to know WHY. So I can learn more about Him, to be more like Him. Is that "wrong"?

    Does anyone have any idea? I mean, if it is for our best interest. Couldn't it be shared, so we can grow wiser? I have no problem obeying commands, if I choose to based on the information I recieved. How do we know we are getting accurate intel? All we go on is opinions of others.

    My next problem....Many say they have the "truth". If this is true, are they not saying they are GOD? I am searching for truth, Am I saying I am God? What kind of liability have they assumed in their quest for power and control over others? If they are God or the Truth, if they are lying, are they responsible for the people who follow them? Or are we responsible to check out them and protect ourselves from being misled? Would they be willing to have us question them to check them out? If they are God, I don't see how that would be a problem. That is "worship" as I understand it.

    Any help here guys?

    Your little brother,


  • DavidChristopher

    if they are the truth, could they explain these things to me? Can they handle the responisibility that comes with being Jehovah God? Answer me these questions.

    Or is that wrong to ask?

    Have my questions surpassed the abilities of the FDS "class"? Is that a "sin"?

    Oh, so that is it. My questions are beyond what Jehovah has given them? Why does he not answer them, so I can have my spiritual food. I am really hungry. I just want to learn about my Creator. They say I SHOULD be doing this. It is the means to everlasting life, right?

    Is that the "crime" many of us committed, and were shunned for? Questioning beyond what Jehovah has given the FDS "class"? I guess by doing so, we become a reminder that their "well" has "dried" up, and they don't want to have to dig another. Oooops. Will they forgive me? I think Jesus would......

    little brother,


  • DannyBloem

    Is there Two Jehovahs? More than one "truth"?

    Ever seriously considered that there is maybe less then one?
    How would the world look like if the FDSC would not be in contact with God? He, just like it is now.
    How would the world and the bible look like it so? He,.....

  • DavidChristopher

    If our questions surpass the abilities of the FDS "class" is it a sin?

    Is this why many of us were shunned? Did we expose that thier "well" is dried up, and they don't want to have to dig another? Oooops. Could they forgive me? I think Jesus would.

    Little brother,


  • Shazard

    Read Rom 11:22... And more... God KNOWS that you are sinfull creature (Read Rom 3:10-18) and then read Rom 8, That is WHY Jesus came and died, for YOU to be free of God's damnation, coz Jesus took the Curse upon himself in YOUR place, so you can still becam God's Child and HSpirit restores the lost image of God in us... Read 2 Kor 3:17-18. We are being restored to the lost image of God the men were creted by. See what Jesus did FOR YOU, he SAVED you from damnation to let you became just like God was planning men to be. Each time you admit you sin, God can Heal you. Each time you reveal sin to God, he cleanses you. Jesus blood makes you clear. And now go and read John 15: 1 - 5

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