Electronic Radio Biola?

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  • jeeprube

    I'm feeling a little sick lately, and I was wondering if anyone had a spare Electronic Radio Biola I could borrow to heal my ailment. I would also like to ask it how long I will live.

    Does anyone have a picture of this incredible device?

  • horrible life
    horrible life


    One occult spiritual group that supported the E.R.A. after the scientific investigations that denounced it were the Jehovah's Witnesses (JWs) who supported it until 1953 . [45] Individuals within the movement even invented new radionics devices to cure fellow JWs of diseases including cancer. [46] Today, radionics is considered quackery and to be occultic, psychic and spiritistic in nature by JWs. [47]


    An ERA practitioner using the "percussive" method. Nurse in background is "localizing" an infected tooth.

  • jeeprube

    Awesome, thanks for the picture. I still can't believe what a load of quackology the WTS was spewing about this. These are the same people who expect us to allow our children to die, rather than accept a blood transfusion?

    No thanks.

  • DavidChristopher

    Hey? does that mean all the people who died because of the "truth" it is on their hands if they are wrong? If you say, You speak the "truth" is that not saying you are God, and you are talking? So you better listen? I feel sorry for them if they are lying. They have assumed responsibility as being God by saying they have "truth" to sell. Or am I wrong? I say read the bible for truth, they say read us for truth. Whos right? Whos wrong? It blows me away how they expect a REWARD for this. I remember Jesus saying the FDS would point us to the truth, not tell us the truth. Is the Holy Spirit and FDS one in the same? I am all confused here.

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