5 Questions Designed to Get Witnesses Thinking

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  • metatron

    Questions designed to get Witnesses thinking need to be simple, appeal to the heart and mind and should usually avoid

    technical details they can't appreciate ( 'these cuneiform eclipses tell us the 1914 chronology is wrong') or scandals they

    can glibly deny ( 'the UN forged those WT documents because Satan told them to')

    1) " What do you think the Watchtower Society could do to show they cared more about the friends?"

    You might be surprized by the answers to this! If they reply, 'they care', then repeat the question and emphasize

    the "cared more" portion. Similar alternative: "What do think the Watchtower Society could do to stop so many

    young Witnesses from leaving?" More finger waving? Does that seem to be working, sister?

    2) "Do you think that happiness is the purpose of life?"

    I got into some trouble by confounding an elders' wife with this! She replied with a 'kneejerk' , "Well, I think that serving

    Jehovah is..". If they say anything contrary, you can reply, "So, if you think that happiness isn't life's purpose,

    then you must believe that some form of unhappiness is!" With many depressed Witnesses, this can be devastating.

    Be careful.

    3) "If baptising children is wrong, why is baptising teenagers right?"

    An easy point: Can minors sign contracts? Why not? Why do teenagers often make poor marriages? Do they

    have adult judgement? adult self control? Is your baptism vow more important then a marriage vow? Shouldn't

    this be restricted to adults, with the responsibility of disfellowshipping in view? Don't be too surprized if some Witnesses

    will bring up "raumspringa" - a custom about baptism among the Amish.

    4) "Is there a danger of the Watchtower Society acting like King Rehoboam?"

    For those few Witnesses left who actually read - or know something - about the Bible apart from a few 'proof texts'.

    Ask about appeals to "do more" while the Society takes away food service, Awake issues, and lays off Bethelites.

    Does that sound a little like 'scourges instead of whips', brother?

    5) "Has the Society ever apologized for its mistakes?"

    If yes, then where? If no, then why not? Do they never make mistakes? Are they infallible, brother?

    Throw in your favorite quote - mine is the one ( awake May 1969) directed to high school students who

    "will never grow old" in this system of things.

    alternative question, similar to above:

    "If a religion predicts things that don't happen, do you think they should be sued?"

    If yes, then what about this, brother. If no, don't you think they should answer for their fraud? Is that right?

    Use your favorite quote.

    There are a lot of other questions that could be designed, if you can get them into the Bible or other authoritative works.

    I put these together to require a minimum of that - and that may put them into a corner quickly.


  • schne_belly


    I especailly like the baptism one. I was baptized at the age of 16..... The last one in my group of friends.

    However when I wanted to get married at 18 ( which I did) , all hell broke loose.....

  • mann377

    How about these questions:

    1). Are JW's the only christians? If they say"yes" then have them prove prove it from the Bible (how about all the people that lived before the 20th century? ) If they say no, then the WTBS is irrelevent!

    2) Jesus said:" pay ceasar's things to ceasar; what happened in France? Jesus said to no be judging one another; why do they have Judicial committees?

    3) Who appointed the F&DS? Who told you that the GB was the F&DS? (the WTBS)

    4) Do the opinions of the WTBS consitute an article of religious faith? Can you tell the difference between opinions and truthful doctrines? Does the Bible require believing in opinions of others?

    5) Have you ever seen a finanical statement from the WBTS? Do you feel you should have access to one? Can you read a balance sheet? Would you like to see one? (from the WTBS)

    I could go on and on but remember this -------- A RELIGION THAT HAS ALL THE ANSWERS ............DOES NOT ALLOW QUESTION!!!!

  • Gerard
  • stillAwitness

    "A religion that has all the ansewrs does not allow questions"

    You said it right mann!

    I will take that with me into 2006.

    This thread reminds me of a talk that was once given on how there are actually those in the world who have articles and information specifically designed to change to change the witnesses' thinking on certain "Bible based topics". GASP! From my mother and then a chuckle from the brother then he said "How priviledged we are that all we use is God's word the Bible to speak to our neighbors."

    Riiight. And the WT/Awake articles, the reasoning books, all the articles in the KM telling us how to preach to unbelieving family members, workmates, school mates, teachers, and everyone else in this great big world too right?

    What a bunch of crock!

  • Mary

    Here's a question guaranteed to make their heads spin around:

    "If someone could prove to you that the WTS is not "the Truth", would you still go to the Hall?"

    It's a Catch-22. If they say yes, they'd still go to the Hall, then they look like brainwashed idiots. If they say "no", then ask them why they won't listen to anyone who says they can prove it. What would they think if a Catholic refused to listen to anything against the Catholic Church? Would that make them open-minded or close-minded?

  • sf

    If they say yes, they'd still go to the Hall, then they look like brainwashed idiots.

    ~looks around the forum at various "brainwashed idiots", still going to the hall, even knowing it is not the truth and waves~


  • AuldSoul


    My wife said yes. It was a great question, I guess she doesn't mind looking like a brainwashed idiot. But I love her for being honest with me about it. And a LOT of other reasons besides.


    Great reasoning points. What is the full reference for that 1969 Awake quote, if it isn't too much trouble? I am creating some text searchable PDF files of specific articles.


  • greendawn

    Smart questions, I like the one about baptising teenagers since they don't have the experience, knowledge or mental development to make responsible decisions regarding joining a religion and especially a very demanding one like the JWs. And if they come up against a JC, sitting there all by themselves without their parents they will feel lost.

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