What is this publication?

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  • carla

    What is the book 'Jesus the greatest man who ever lived'? I think it is a wt publication, I haven't seen it mentioned here. Someone brought it up to me when I suggested that the wt denigrates Jesus, in my opinion.

  • DannyBloem

    This book you mean?

    It is not their worst book, not too denigrating if you ask me.

  • RunningMan

    Yes, it is a WT publication. We studied it at the book study at least three times. The last few chapters (mostly about the sign of the end) contain dozens of items that have since been revised, so I doubt if it will come up again. The first section is fairly middle of the road and less offensive to outsiders than most of their material.

  • blondie

    One of the few books that were studied without reading one or two paragraphs and then asking a question. The questions are all at the end of each chapter. Irritated many conductors and JWs and others liked the change of pace. At least it concentrates on Jesus rather than "Jehovah" all the time. It was studied 3 times and was a popular book not like the Daniel book that is being studied now, a real groaner.


  • jgnat

    Blondie says it's her favorite. It's been years since the book has been used in the weekly study. The trick is that Jesus is the greatest Man. Emphasis on Man, not his Godlike qualities. Get it?

    Here it is, on hubby's shelf, "The Greatest MAN Who Ever Lived." (c) 1991 WTBTS of Pennsylvania. In section 126 (the pages are not numbered) is a partial picture of Jesus on the stake, hands overhead, speaking to the thief. In section 111 is a lovely picture of the "sheeplike ones" versus the "goatlike ones" Apparently "sheeplike ones" dress like Jehovah's Witnesses. And "goatlike ones" look very, very angry and carry sticks, guns, flags, and protest signs.

  • carla

    Thanks everyone! Thought he got his hands on some really old stuff or something. Nobody mentions that book that I can recall. How he read it I don't know.

  • serendipity

    This is one of the WTS better publications.

  • Nosferatu

    WTF is this thing??? That's not the greatest man book I remember. I remember the red one with the gold writing on the front. I'm guessing this is the new fangled paperback version. My, how times have changed since I left the WTS.

    I used to think the publications looked really nice, with their colorful hard covers and gold print. Now, they look like something off the "free" rack at the local Sally Ann.

  • DannyBloem

    all the books look like that now.
    no more hard covers. Even the bounded volumes of WT and awake look like the fall apart as soon as they are over the counter

  • Nosferatu
    Even the bounded volumes of WT and awake look like the fall apart as soon as they are over the counter

    That's pretty bad. Look how much a phone book can fall apart within a year.

    I used to take pride in the very appearance of the publications. It made the "library" look very nice. Now that they look like Reader's Digest magazines, is their any point in taking pride in them? Would anyone be impressed if they saw a huge library made up of ratty Reader's Digest magazines? HELL NO.

    It was also mentioned in a thread earlier this year that the NWT was going paperback. My, how times have changed. When this happens, I DARE THOSE OF YOU who are still in to take another translation to the meetings, one that won't fall apart after three meetings.... and you know how much JWs "use" their bibles.

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