Women of the Watchtower

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  • OrphanCrow

    Whatever happened to the five women that Charles Russell named as trustees for the voting shares he left to the Watchtower Society in his will?

    I have already donated to the WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY all my voting shares therein, putting the same in the hands of five Trustees, as follows: Sr. E. Louise Hamilton; Sr. Almeta M. Nation Robison; Sr. J. G. Herr; Sr. C. Tomlins; Sr. Alice G. James. These Trustees shall serve for life. In event of deaths or resignations successors shall be chosen by the WATCH TOWER SOCIETY Directors and Editorial Committee and the remaining Trustees after prayer for Divine guidance.


    There is much written about Russell's will and how Rutherford shouldered out those who didn't support him after Russell died. But, what about those 5 women? I think I have even read somewhere that those five women were seen as 'the Bride of Christ' by Russell and that they were the ones who would receive 'divine direction' from Russell after he died.

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